The Pfeiffer Journey

Begin your journey at Pfeiffer University, where your personal growth is our priority.

Students at big universities often get lost in the crowd, but not at Pfeiffer. We offer our students the necessary support for self-discovery, personal and academic growth and career preparation.

That’s why all students participate in Pfeiffer Journey, a transformative four-year program integrating all aspects of college life — academics, student involvement, service opportunities and extracurricular activities. With the support of your professors, advisors and student community, you create a four-year pathway, enhancing your total college experience and preparing you for personal and professional success.

Hear about the Pfeiffer Journey firsthand from students, faculty and staff.

The Journey Begins

With a focus on holistic learning, Pfeiffer Journey offers an intentional level of guidance rarely found in an undergraduate setting.

Freshman Year: Get Grounded

The adventure begins. We help you get started. Trained faculty and peer mentors help you assess your skills and interests, explore Pfeiffer opportunities and secure academic resources. Freshman Year exploration includes:

  • First Year Seminar
  • Individualized learning plan
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Creation of a digital portfolio to document your progress

Sophomore Year: Explore Options

The journey continues. We help you grow. With continued community support, you explore academic options and associated career paths. Sophomore Year exploration includes:

  • Second Year Seminar
  • Sophomore retreat
  • Leadership skills assessment
  • Mentoring from a student who is a senior in your field of study

Junior Year: Integrate Experiences

The path becomes clearer. We help you make connections. Your undergraduate experience becomes a dynamic, living-learning laboratory, combining theory learned in the classroom with individualized hands-on, out-of-the-classroom experiences. Junior Year exploration includes:

  • Third Year Seminar
  • Major-specific mentoring from a faculty mentor
  • Focused career exploration and development
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities

Senior Year: Pursue Career and Purpose

You’re in the final stretch. We see a leader. Upon graduation, your academic achievements, service record, leadership roles and internship experiences culminate in the creation of a robust and compelling resume. Your experiences at Pfeiffer distinguish you from other new graduates, whether you decide to enter the job market or continue your education.

Your Senior Year exploration includes:

  • Capstone experience
  • Leadership and internship opportunities
  • Digital portfolio completion
  • Real World 101 (Series of workshops addressing practical issues such as resume development, interview skills and financial literacy)  
  • Career success preparation

And now you soar. Pfeiffer’s one-of-a-kind, mentored-learning approach to undergraduate development offers a truly transformative college experience.


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Assistant Professor of Communication
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