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Jimmy Atkins
Associate Professor of Organizational Management
Marc Bartholdi
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy – Physical Disabilities Lifespan-Anatomy
Phone: 704 463 3703
Bellamy, Ajahna
Ajahna (Yana) Bellamy
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 704-463-3057
Cynthia Benson
Director of Advancement Services
Phone: 704-463-3074
Steven Blahitka
Administrative Assistant – PIMFT
Phone: 704-945-7310
Alicia Blalock
Alicia Blalock
Campus Guest Coordinator
Phone: 704-463-3044
Ellen Blue
TQP Induction Specialist & Grant Program Coordinator
Phone: 704-463-3152
Christopher Boe
Professor of Elementary Education and Dean of the Graduate School
Phone: 704-945-7352
Craig Bolton
Head Baseball Coach
Phone: 704-448-0281
Martha Bramlett
Associate Professor of Nursing
Phone: 704-463-3006
Ross Braymer
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 704-463-3300
Kendyl Brewer
Head Coach Cheer and Dance
Amy Frye Brown
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 704-463-3015
Roderick Brown
Strength & Conditioning and Sports Ministry Coordinator
Rachel Bryant
Director of Graduate Enrollment Operations
Phone: 704 463 3104
Scott Bullard
Phone: 704 463 3030
Deborah Burris
Associate Professor of Communications
Phone: 704-463-3358
David Calvert
Asst Coach Track And Field and Cross Country
Phone: 704 463 3103
Emily Carella
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Phone: 704 463 3047
David Cartrette
Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry
Phone: 704-463-3311
Shaun Cashman
Shaun Cashman
Associate Professor of Communications
Phone: 704-463-3432
Amy Caudle
Amy Caudle
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Mary Elizabeth Chambers
Assistant Professor Sports Management
Phone: 704 463 3209
Bryan Cheek
Bryan Cheek
IT Support Analyst
Phone: 704 463 3002
Jeff Childress
Jeff Childress
Vice President of Athletics and External Relations
Zach Chilton
Zachary Chilton
Falcon Club Director
Phone: 704-463-3068
Frank Christopher
Medical Director and Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Phone: 704-463-3712
Katie Cobb
Katherine Cobb
Head Coach – Womens Soccer
Phone: 704 463 3218
Christie Collier
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 704 463 3037
Ryan Conte
Ryan Conte
Director of IT
Phone: 704 463 3002
Rachel Cozort
Associate Professor of Nursing
Phone: 704-463-3035
K.C. Culler
Kenneth Culler
Assistant Athletic Director – Athletic Communications
Phone: 704-463-3192
Alexis Currie
Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 704-463-3052
Karin Dancy
Grant Writer
Phone: 704-463-3076
Tom Darling
Professor of Health & Exercise Science
Phone: 704 463 3301
Laura Daugherty
Assistant/Associate Professor of Nursing-Maternal Child/Pediatrics
Phone: 704 463 3102
Jamal David
Transfer Admissions Counselor
Phone: 704-463-3046
Amanda Davis
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy – Physical Disabilities Lifespan/Rural Healthcare Specialist
Phone: 704 463 3706
Tiffany de León
Visiting Professor of MFT & Clinic Director
Carrie DeJaco
Associate Professor of Biology
Paula Dennis
Administrative Assistant to Dean
Phone: 704 463 3151
Darci Dickison
Darci Marie Dickison
Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Sports Medicine
Phone: 704-463-3216
LiAnna Drossos
Assistant Professor of Anatomy for PA/OT
Phone: 704-463-3711
Amy Dry
Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 704 463 3100
Tom Earnhardt
Assistant Professor
Phone: 704-463-3135
Kym Elliott
Student Development Operations Manager
Phone: 704-463-3400
Dechelle Ellis
Financial Associate / Cashier
Phone: 704-463-3019
Ashley Eyer
Academic Success Coordinator
Phone: 704 463 3323
Beth Fain
Elizabeth Fain
Occupational Therapy Program Director/Associate Dean of Health Sciences
Phone: 704-463-3369
Justin Fainter
Head Coach – Men and Women Tennis
Tony Faticoni
Tony Faticoni
Head Coach – Mens Soccer
Phone: 704-463-3214
Sarah Henry Featherstone
Student Development Administrative Assistant
Phone: 704 463 3400
Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher
Chair and Program Director and Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Phone: 704 463 3050
Susan Greer Fisher
PA Studies Clinical Support (.25 FTE)
Susan Furr
Associate Professor of Nursing/ Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
Phone: 704-463-3023
Crystal Gaddy
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy-Pediatrics
Phone: 704 463 3185
Myra Garris
Human Resources Specialist
Phone: 704 463 3009
Ryan Girts
Ryan Girts
Assistant Professor of Health & Exercise and Science
Paula Graham
Experiential Clinic Coordinator/Lab Assistant & Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Phone: 704 463 3705
Cameron Griffin
Cameron Griffin
IT Help Desk Technician
Raushan Gross
Associate Professor of Business Management & Leadership
Phone: 704-463-3125
Casey Habich
Casey Habich
Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 704-463-3055
Maegan Daigle Habich
Maegan Daigle Habich
University Chaplain and Director of Church Relations
Phone: 704-463-3409
Elizabeth Harrison
Program Coordinator for Music & Associate Professor of Music
Phone: 704-463-3142
Camden Hartsell
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 704-463-3092
Deidra Harwood
Admissions Support Coordinator for PA Program
Phone: 704-463-3167
Theresa Hicks
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Program Coordinator for Criminal Justice
Phone: 704 463 3422
Christopher Howard
Professor of Business Administration
Phone: 704-463-3131
Douglas Hume
Professor of Religion
Phone: 704-463-3132
Deanna Hurley-Chamberlain
Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: 704-463-3130
Jonathan Hutchinson
Archivist And Asst Prof of Lib Sci And Lib Sys Adm
Phone: 704-463-3361
Jimmy (Dale) Patterson
Director Of Didactic Education and Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Phone: 704-463-3630
Christopher Jones
Head Coach Golf Mens & Womens
Phone: 704 463 3256
Joseph Judge
Director of Choral Activities & Assistant Professor of Music
Phone: 704-463-3148
Tonya Laney Judge
Director of Alumni and Community Engagement
Phone: 704-463-3038
Megan Kathleen Keaton
Associate Professor Rhetoric and Composition
Phone: 704-463-3182
Michael Kehoe
Michael Kehoe
Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Phone: 704 463 3704
Julia Kennedy
Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 704-463-3025
Angela Kern
Professor of Elementary Education & Coordinator of Undergraduate Elementary Education Cohort
Phone: 704-463-3173
Mack Kingman
Mackenzie Kingman
Assistant Coach – Womens Soccer
Richard Kivior
Student Support Coordinator
Phone: 704-945-7333
Ron Laffitte
VP for Student Affairs
Phone: 704-463-3401
Shivon Lee
Phone: 704-463-3016
Robin Leslie
Senior VP of Finance and CFO
Phone: 704-463-3442
Tammy Lilly
Admin Asst to Dir & Dept of Nursing
Phone: 704-463-3434
Robin Listerman
Phone: 704-463-3164
Lara Little
Lib Dir And Asst Prof Library Science
Phone: 704-463-3353
Cindy Loflin
Accounts Payable Manager
Phone: 704-463-3008
Kelly Loflin
Operational Administrative Assistant – Occupational Therapy
Phone: 704-463-3048
Mona Long
Database Administrator
Phone: 704-463-3032
Deaven Lowder
IT Security Analyst
Phone: 704-463-3002
Laura Lowder
Professor of Education
Phone: 704-463-3155
Dawn Lucas
Professor of Health and Physical Education
Phone: 704-463-3207
Susan Luck
Professor of Business Administration
Phone: 704-945-7303
Deborah Lung
Interim Program Director and Associate Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy
Phone: 704-945-7308
William Manley
Assistant Coach Baseball
Robert Marchinko
Head Coach Cross Country & Track and Field
Dana Martin
Professor of Nursing
Phone: 704-463-3069
Scott Martin
Scott Martin
Assistant Coach – Mens Soccer
Mark Maruszewski
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Teena Mauldin
Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 704-463-3031
Mark Mccallum
Professor of Biology
Phone: 704-463-3307
Ramanda Medlin
Director of Human Resources and Compliance
Phone: 704-463-3067
Lisa Melvin
Elisa Melvin
Professor of Health Administration
Cashaun Miller
Coordinator of Academic Services
Phone: 704-463-3039
Damion Miller
Acquisitions Collection Development Librarian
Phone: 704-463-3352
Mark Miller
Didactic Support Coordinator
Phone: 704-463-3424
Kathleen Mirgon
Kathleen Mirgon
Head Coach – Womens Lacrosse
Phone: 704 463 3235
Paula Morris
Director of Student Involvement
Phone: 704-463-3407
Kaitlyn Muldoon
Assistant Professor/Principal PA Faculty
Phone: 704-463-3709
Sequoya Mungo
TQP Program Director & Induction Support
Phone: 704 463 3666
Chris Murray
Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: 704-463-3090
Daniel Mynatt
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Phone: 704 463 3112
Jamal Nahavandi
Associate Professor of Economics
Tucker Nelson
Tucker Nelson
Head Coach – Mens Lacrosse
Phone: 704-463-3220
Cynthia Newport
Circulation Coordinator
Phone: 704-463-3363
Jo Ellen Newsome
Vice President of Advancement
Phone: 704-463-3222
Steve Norton
Financial Analyst
Phone: 704-463-3007
Chip Palmer
Director of Student Support
Phone: 704-463-3367
Samantha Pennington
Samantha Pennington
Assistant Professor of Health and Natural Sciences
Jannylle Pitter
Assistant Professor/Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for Occupational Therapy Studies
Phone: 704-463-3426
Don Poe
Professor of Psychology
Phone: 704-463-3041
Kay Pope
Financial Analyst & Payroll Coordinator
Phone: 704-463-3018
Reba Poplin
Accounts Receivable Manager
Phone: 704-463-3020
Tina Preslar
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Phone: 704-463-3129
Edward Ranzenbach
Principal Faculty and Director of Clinical Education
Laura Reichenberg
Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 704-463-3320
John Reid
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Phone: 704 463 3171
Ryan Reinhart
Enrollment Data Reporting Specialist
Phone: 704-463-3058
Rebecca Rich
Rebecca Rich
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 704-463-3239
Tiffany Rikard
Assistant Professor of Counseling and Human Services
Phone: 704 463 3435
Katie Riley
Kathryn Riley
Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 704-463-3302
Samuel Robbins
Coordinator of Residence Life
Phone: 704-463-3404
Leah Robinson
Associate Professor of Religion
Phone: 704-463-3101
Austin Rose
Austin Rose
Assistant Professor of Sports Management
Edward Royston
Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 704-463-3402
Steven Sadler
Asst Coach Mens Lacrosse
Phone: 704 463 3219
Kristi Marie Sammons
Assistant Coach – Womens Volleyball
Phone: 704-463-3236
Kristy Schmaldinst
Assistant Professor of Nursing-Lab Coordinator & Clinical Instructor
Phone: 704-463-3120
Heather Schoch
Head Coach Volleyball
Phone: 704-463-3070
Pete Schoch
Pete Schoch
Head Mens Basketball Coach
Phone: 704-463-3238
Ashley Schoppe
Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 704-463-3124
sean scott
Sean Scott
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 704-463-3051
Ali Sever
Professor of Computer Information Systems
Phone: 704-463-3118
Monte Sherrill
Monte Sherrill
Head Coach – Softball
Phone: 704-448-0282
Vada Sherrill
Vada Sherrill
Assistant to the Director of Athletics
Kim Smith
Kim Smith
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 704-463-3061
Vera Smith
Vera Smith
Assistant Director of YeTi
Phone: 704-463-3441
Caroline Sowards
Caroline Sowards
Director of Internships and Career Planning, and Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: 704-463-3026
Don Spencer
Donald Spencer
Assistant Coach – Mens Basketball
Phone: 704-463-3237
Mary Stokes
Admissions Support Coordinator for Occupational Therapy Program
Phone: 704-463-3710
Kevin Taylor
Associate Professor of Religion
Phone: 704-463-3168
Michael Thompson
Prof of History & Dean of UG College & Dir of Honors Prog
Phone: 704-463-3136
Leslie Tucker
Associate Registrar/Degree Auditor
Phone: 704-463-3452
Vail, Abbi
Abbi Vail
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 704-463-3455
Gary Veazey
Director of Creative Services
Phone: 704-463-3169
Jeffrey Watson
Evening Library Asst (Temp)
Jacinda Whitley
Jacinda Whitley
Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Melanie Wilson
Melanie Wilson
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance/SWA
Phone: 704-463-3203
Deborah Wood
Accounts Receivable Manager
Phone: 704-463-3021
Don Yarbrough
CDL Driver – Athletics