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Dr. Sean Thornton '94
Alumni, Athletics, Misenheimer

A Lacrosse Legacy Enters Phase Two

Dr. Sean Thornton ’94 excelled as an attackman in Men’s Lacrosse at Pfeiffer College. He ranks 11th or higher among Pfeiffer players in three career statistical categories, including… | Keep Reading “A Lacrosse Legacy Enters Phase Two”
Kira Bragg '12
Alumni, Careers & Outcomes

Mentor for Techies Creates Web Dev English

Kira Bragg ’12, a former English major at Pfeiffer University, has become a self-described “English Mentor for Techies.” Her clients, all of whom have a mother tongue other… | Keep Reading “Mentor for Techies Creates Web Dev English”
Zaman Rashid
Alumni, Careers & Outcomes, Philanthropy

Pfeiffer Grad’s Charity Supports Education, Achieving Goals and More

Zaman Rashid ’15, who earned a B.S. degree in Business Management and Leadership from Pfeiffer University, had to overcome some pretty harrowing circumstances before finding himself in Misenheimer,… | Keep Reading “Pfeiffer Grad’s Charity Supports Education, Achieving Goals and More”
Cornerstones & Crossroads
Albemarle, Alumni, Arts & Culture, Featured

“Cornerstones & Crossroads” Honors Past and Heralds Future

In 1998, Joshua Cross earned a B.A. degree in 2D Art from Southeast Missouri State University. This credential, along with an MFA degree in painting from Kansas State… | Keep Reading ““Cornerstones & Crossroads” Honors Past and Heralds Future”
Dr. David Wilkinson
Academics & Research, Alumni, Religious Life

Leading Astrophysicist/Theologian Addresses University Community

Can Faith and Science be Reconciled? What happens when some of the best thinking on theology and science coalesce in one person’s exploration of the universe and God’s… | Keep Reading “Leading Astrophysicist/Theologian Addresses University Community”
Christmas Star
Alumni, Featured

A Christmas Memory

When I was a little boy, my great aunt Thelma would show up at our house a few months before Christmas with an early present. Aunt Thelma would… | Keep Reading “A Christmas Memory”