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Financial Aid

Pfeiffer University awards financial aid based on financial need as well as criteria such as academic, athletic or artistic achievement or promise. Each year, 90 percent of Pfeiffer students receive more than a total of $12 million in financial assistance. For complete information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

FAFSA Code/Pfeiffer University: 002955


The first step for all students in the financial aid process is to complete the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA).  This determines if you are eligible for any grants, loans and work study programs. All Pfeiffer students are eligible for the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, after the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling are completed.

  1. Get your PIN: Obtain your unique 4-digit U.S. Department of Education PIN (Personal Identification Number).  You will use this unique number each year you file your FAFSA, and to complete the Federal Direct Stafford Loan application. Request your pin at If you are a dependent student, one of your parents will need their own PIN as well.
  2. File the FAFSA:  Visit to complete the FAFSA. Wait until you (and your parents if you are a dependent student) have filed your FEDERAL taxes and allow the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to pull your information from your federal tax returns and populate the application for you. Add Pfeiffer's school code (002955) as this is the only way that Pfeiffer can receive results.
  3. Complete Federal Direct Student Loan Master Promissory Note & Entrance Counseling:  Both may be completed at Sign in using the same PIN you requested in step one. Once you sign into the Student Loans website, choose "Complete Entrance Counseling" and "Complete Master Promissory Note."
  4. Choose the Pfeiffer program you are interested in:  The menu bar on the left lists Pfeiffer's different programs - undergraduate, graduate and adult studies. Choose your program from the menu to move forward with the financial aid process.

Requirements for Maintaining Financial Assistance

To receive and maintain financial assistance from Federal, State or Institutional sources, students must conform to the following standards of satisfactory progress:

  1. Maintain at least the standards for academic eligibility outlined in the Pfeiffer University catalog. Certain scholarships and grants require a higher grade point average; this information is available from the Office of Financial Aid.
  2. Some financial aid may be limited to the equivalent of 8 full-time semesters or four academic years.  For transfer students, this limitation is adjusted in accordance with the number of hours accepted in transfer.
  3. Any student rendered ineligible for failure to maintain satisfactory progress must meet the stated grade point averages consistent with the number of stated hours attempted before assistance can be reinstated. Any student readmitted after a period of suspension or dismissal will be ineligible to receive financial assistance until reinstated with the conditions above.
  4. Pfeiffer is excited to announce its participation in the SALT program - a unique, student-friendly web site that offers interactive tools to manage your loan debt, learn critical financial literacy skills, find a job, locate scholarship funding and much more!  And, best of all - it's free to all Pfeiffer students and alumni! Click here to right to the SALT web site! 

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