Media Contacts

Thank you for your interest in Pfeiffer University!

Please direct all inquiries regarding Pfeiffer University, including its programs, students, faculty, and staff, to the Office of Marketing and Communications. For information about Pfeiffer athletics, please contact the sports information director.

Casey Habich
Director of Marketing and Communications
(704) 463-3055
[email protected]

Kenneth Culler
Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications
(704) 463-3192

[email protected]

For more information, visit the Athletics Website.

Submit a Story Idea or Creative Request Form

To submit information regarding university news or story ideas to the Office of Marketing and Communications, please use the following link:

Requests for graphic design, photography, video, or website work, please complete the Creative Request Form found at

Style Guide

To present to all constituencies a clear, consistent Pfeiffer University image and brand, the Office of Marketing and Enrollment and the Office of Communications provide a style guide for the planning, development, and publication of all university electronic and traditionally published materials.

All schools and departments of the university are expected to comply with the designated uses of language, logos, wordmarks, and associated collateral.

Click here to download the Pfeiffer University Graphic Identity Guidelines

Pfeiffer University Web, Internet, and Social Media Policies

The policies, in conjunction with the style guidelines, are designed to help the university create a clear and consistent identity on the Pfeiffer University website and to help create pages that clearly communicate, display correctly with commonly used web browsers and some text-only browsers, and that utilize the elements of the university's visual identity properly.

Legal and Policy Issues

Campus websites must comply with all university policies, rules, regulations, and local, state, and federal laws. The primary campus policies applying to websites are provided through the Web Publishing Policy.

Use of Copyrighted Materials

Written permission will be obtained for the use of copyrighted materials, with the clear understanding on the part of the copyright holder that these materials will be used on the web. This applies to the use of text, logos, photographs, drawings, video clips, sound clips, or other copyrighted materials.

Official University Web Sites

Official university websites are defined as websites or webpages created by Pfeiffer University entities, including, but not limited to, its colleges, schools, departments, research centers, and administrative offices and purporting to represent the university.

Guidelines for the Internet and Social Media Usage

The following are guidelines and policies to assist the Pfeiffer University campus community to better understand how the university's confidentiality, privacy and professionalism policies are applicable to the use of new communications technologies such as Pfeiffer University's web site, the Internet and social media platforms and networking sites (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs).

Click here for Pfeiffer's Social Media Policy