Story Idea/News Item Request Form

Step 1: Before you submit an idea for a story, ask yourself some essential questions, such as:

What makes my story idea newsworthy or out of the ordinary? Will it communicate the value of a Pfeiffer education compellingly? Would prospective students who read this story feel inspired to make an admissions inquiry? Will alumni feel more inclined to give? Could this story help communicate the value of Pfeiffer University to donors and foundations? How does this story advance the objectives of a particular department/program?

Step 2: If your story involves a department/program, make sure the head of said department/program knows that you are approaching me and has signed off on it.

Step 3: Ensure that you have the contact info for the story’s principal source(s) and that they can and will participate in interviews etc.

Step 4: Think backward.

If you want a story to run on a particular date, figure in enough time for interviews/observations, the writing, and revisions/edits, this could mean a good two or three weeks, depending on the complexity of the topic, etc.

Step 5: Determine who will revise a draft of the story before publishing. In most cases, it’s a principal source, but not always.

Step 6: Fill out the story request form. (See below.)

Step 7: Embrace a process that will include everything from reporting to editing.

Step 8: Sign off on a near-final draft of the story before review for publishing.

Step 9: Expect to see links to the story on various social media platforms and a version of the story in non-Pfeiffer media.