Occupational Therapy – MSOT

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Core Curriculum Overview
SH = Semester Hours

Introduction to OT & OS (3 SH)
Gross Anatomy & Kinesiology (4 SH)
Movement, Occupation and Participation (5 SH)
Interprofessional Practice (1 SH)
Documentation in OT (1 SH)
Foundations of Neuroscience (3 SH)
Mental Health and Wellness (4 SH)
Group Dynamics in Mental Health (3 SH)
Technologies in OT (3 SH)
Inquiry and EBP I (3 SH)
Fieldwork Level IA – MH (1 SH)
Adults and Geriatrics (4 SH)
Occupational Performance Evaluation & Assessment (4 SH)
Professional Reasoning (2 SH)
Inquiry and EBP II (3 SH)
Fieldwork Level IB – Adults (1 SH)
OT in Pediatrics & Youth (4 SH)
Occupational Performance Evaluation & Assess Pediatrics/Youth (4 SH)
Fieldwork Level 1 – Pediatrics (1 SH)
Fieldwork Level II A (12 weeks) (Adults or Pediatrics) (6 SH)
Ethics in OT Practice (2 SH)
Management in Health Care (3 SH)
Orthotics/Physical Agent Modalities as Occupational Interventions (3 SH)
Contextual Population Health, Disparities & Factors (3 SH)
Fieldwork Level II B (12 weeks) (Adults or Pediatrics) (6 SH)

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