Environmental Studies – BA

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Choose a career where the grass really is greener

Pfeiffer University’s undergraduate environmental studies program prepares students for jobs ranging from the wildlife and game management field to roles in alternative energy and fuels.

Our environmental studies program will provide you with a foundational understanding of environmental science and the ways that environmental issues influence legislation, social issues, policy and global issues. Set your foot on the path toward truly making the world a better place with an environmental studies degree.

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Curriculum Overview

The Pfeiffer environmental studies undergraduate degree program requires a minimum investment of 120 semester hours. In addition to a core liberal arts education, environmental studies majors will take 45 hours of environmental studies major curriculum and 26 hours of electives.

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Hands-On Experience

Career Opportunities

After completing the bachelor of environmental studies degree, Pfieffer graduates will be ready to pursue careers in a range of settings, including:

  • Conservation-oriented NGOs
  • Government agencies
  • Urban planning
  • Community health
  • Environmental education

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