Because of the current COVID-19 situation, its impact on academic institutions and students, Pfeiffer university’s MSOT program is extending this admission cycle deadline to April 30, 2020, and granting two waivers for this admission cycle.
1. GRE test: despite transitioning to an online version of the GRE March 27th, we are aware of the great demand for test dates and times as well as the requirement for minimal technology access for those who need to take the GRE.
Pfeiffer university MSOT is granting a waiver for the GRE test for this admission cycle ending April 30, 2020
2. Observation hours: we are aware that many observation sites have closed to students seeking to gain observational hours. Pfeiffer university MSOT program requires a minimum of 50 hours of observation preferably over one or more OT settings.
Pfeiffer university MSOT program is granting a waiver for the observational hours requirement and reducing the hours to a minimum of 25 for this application cycle ending April 30, 2020. The 25 hours should include a minimum of 15 direct and 10 indirect exposure to OT. Examples of indirect may include an online or telephone interview with an OT/COTA, reading a book about OT or by an OT, watching a video with a focus on OT, or participating in an online forum focused on OT. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Master of Occupational Therapy

Pfeiffer University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). SACSCOC Complaint Procedures are available for review by all Pfeiffer students. SACSCOC has approved the Occupational Therapy program to offer an MSOT degree.

Welcome from the Director

We are excited to bring the Masters of Occupational Therapy program to Pfeiffer University. We are committed to excellence in the profession and it shows through the varied areas of expertise that our Faculty and Staff offer to the students. Our faculty have evidence-based teaching skillsets that promote higher-order thinking that is essential for autonomous practice in a complex and competitive environment.

This program will offer a 27-month curriculum that incorporates innovative collaborative learning experiences through community initiatives, which will promote compassionate critical thinkers and reflective graduates. Our graduates will have the necessary prerequisite skills to contribute to the profession through service, scholarship, and leadership. Our program incorporates curriculum threads for occupational justice in local, rural, and global communities. In addition, students will build skills for leadership, service, creativity, and innovation. The program will offer a dynamic 27-month academic experience that reflects excellence in occupational therapy education; preparing clinicians who not only deliver exceptional healthcare but are servant leaders in the areas of health disparities and social justice.

It would be an honor to join you in your educational journey to become a Pfeiffer OT.


Elizabeth Fain, EdD, OTR/L
Program Director, Assistant Dean of Division of Applied Health Sciences
Future Pfeiffer University Health Sciences Center