Counseling and Human Services – BA

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The art and science of helping others

Helping people to heal and grow requires learning the art of practice and understanding the science and theories that explain how humans develop and change. Pfeiffer University’s undergraduate program in Counseling and Human Services provides students a solid foundation in psychological and sociological theories and gives students hands-on practice opportunities to work with others inside and outside of the classroom.

Counseling and Human Services majors are well-prepared for entry-level roles in social work and counseling/human services organizations and/or for graduate studies in clinical mental health, clinical social work, applied psychology, rehabilitative counseling, and marriage and family therapy.

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Curriculum Overview

The Pfeiffer counseling and human services program curriculum requires a minimum investment of 42 semester hours. This includes courses in general education and core counseling and human services skills.

My graduate school professor in clinical mental health counseling pulled me aside and asked about my previous training. She said I have skills that are much more advanced than other first-year graduate students. Thank you Dr. Bellmore and Pfeiffer for giving me the experience and knowledge to help me succeed!
Katie Kluttz Counseling and Human Services graduate ’20
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Hands-On Experience

Counseling and human services students experience their field placement requirements in a range of settings, including: 

  • Child and Adult Protective Services
  • Bayada Home Health
  • Esther House
  • Bridge to Recovery
  • The Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte
  • City Police Departments
  • Racial Equity Cabarrus
  • Our Bridge Kids
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Career Opportunities

After completing the bachelor of communication degree, Pfieffer graduates will be ready to pursue careers such as: 

  • Social worker
  • Residential counselor
  • Child protective services specialist
  • Probation/parole officer
  • Residential counselor
  • Intake specialist

For those who go on to pursue masters level work and/or licensing, career paths could include:

  • Licensed marriage and family therapist
  • Licensed clinical mental health counselor
  • Licensed social worker

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