Teaching – MAT

Students talking to each other in class
Student writing on whiteboard
Core Curriculum Overview
SH = Semester Hours

Professional Core Coursework (12 SH)
Development and Learning (3 SH)
Diversity and Exceptionalities (3 SH)
Matching Instruction to Student Needs (2 SH)
Assessment of Students with Diverse Needs (2 SH)
Research and Practice in Social-Emotional Learning (2 SH)

Specialty Area Coursework (12 SH)
Mathematics-Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment
Integrating the Curriculum
Teaching 21st Century Literacy in the Multicultural Classroom
Technology for the 21st Century Classroom
Research and Practice in Secondary Education
Collaboration and Instructional Delivery in SPED
Research and Practice in Elementary Health and Physical Education
Research and Practice in Secondary Health and Physical Education
Internship in Elementary Education
Internship in Special Education
Internship in Health and Physical Education
Internship in Secondary Education Foundations of Teaching Practice

Advanced Licensure Coursework (12 SH)
Research and Assessment (3 SH)
Instructional Leadership in Diverse Settings (3 SH)
Master’s Project (3 SH)
Clinical Experience and Seminar (3 SH)

Pfeiffer University allowed me to develop communication skills, strengthen my commitment to service, and gave me the tools and education necessary to become an effective teacher leader.
JaRon Lindsey, Assistant Principal, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools