Health Administration and Organizational Change – MHA/MSOC

Core Curriculum Overview
SH = Semester Hours

MHA Requirement (36 SH)

Organizational Communication and Behavior in Health Service Org (3 SH)
Contemporary Health Services Organizations and Systems (3 SH)
Legal and Ethical Perspectives in Healthcare Administration (3 SH)
Leadership Perspectives in Health Services Policy (3 SH)
Health Economics (3 SH)
Health Services Information Management (3 SH)
Managerial Finance (3 SH)


Health Services Financial Management (3 SH)
Health Administration Research Methods and Analytics (3 SH)
MHA Comprehensive Exam (3 SH)
Health Services Marketing


One course in marketing or public relations selected w/ advisor

Comparative International Health (3 SH)


Comparative International Health Study (3 SH)
Research Applications in Health Administration (3 SH)
Strategic Health Services Management

MSOC Requirements (21 SH)

Effective Leadership (3 SH)
Critical Thinking for Continuous Improvement (3 SH)
Human Resource Management (3 SH)
Managerial Accounting (3 SH)
Crisis Management (3 SH)
Negotiations and Conflict Resolution (3 SH)
Organizational Change Management (3 SH)
1 elective to be chosen in consultation w/ advisor

Pfeiffer University MHA program allowed me to fulfill a lifelong goal. Being a nontraditional student, the combined format of the seated and online classes allowed me to have the flexibility I needed to be a student, go to work, and be a father. Pfeiffer University MHA faculty and staff are more than just professors and teachers; they are mentors, councelors, and friends. Their guidance and support allowed me to continue to do what I love and grow as a healthcare professional.
MHA Senior Patient Experience Manager