Master of Business Administration / Master of Science in Leadership


Lead by example. Motivate your colleagues. Direct your team.

With a Pfeiffer University joint MBA/MSL, you will optimize your corporate or non-profit expertise by sharpening your abilities to direct a diverse, high-performance workforce, manage fiscal resources, and drive key business outcomes attainment. 

A combination of lectures, small group study, and case study analysis presented against a backdrop of emphasis on ethics and corporate responsibility make the curriculum immediately applicable to real-world business situations. The joint MBA/MSL program can be completed within 27 months. Students may elect to study abroad through a partnership with the University of Mainz in Germany. 


With classes offered online, this program is ideal for working professionals.


A joint master’s degree in business administration and leadership requires 54 semester hours over a typical span of 30-36 months.

MBA Curriculum (27 SH)

  • MBA 701 Organizational Communication
  • MSL 702 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 704 Managerial Accounting**
  • MBA 705 Managerial Economics for Leadership***
  • MBA 706 Managerial Finance
  • MBA 707 Marketing Management
  • MBA 799 Strategic Management
  • MBA 711 Operations Management


  • MBA 730 International Business
  • MBA 740 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business or Law Elective

MSL Curriculum (27 SH)

  • MSL 710 Effective Leadership
  • MSL 712 Ethical Behavior and Employment Law
  • MSL 715 Critical Thinking for Continuous Improvement


  • MSL 720 Managing a Diverse Workforce
  • MSL 730 Human Resources Management


  • MSL 731 Human Resource Development
  • MSL 740 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • MSL 750 Organizational Change Management
  • MSL 751 Strategies for Building High-Performance Organizations and Teams

  • MSL Electives (six hours from any other MSL course or, another course from the MBA curriculum with the approval of the program director)

For descriptions of courses, visit the academic catalog.

Undergraduate Prerequisites

Students without these prerequisites may be admitted on a provisional basis and must complete requirements within one year.

* Statistics
**Accounting I & II
***Microeconomics and Macroeconomics or equivalent

    Admission Requirements

    Admission is granted MBA/MSL applicants who satisfy ALL of the criteria stated below:

    • A completed Pfeiffer University graduate application for admission.
    • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with a satisfactory grade point average
    • Satisfactory undergraduate prerequisite requirements
    • Official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended
    • Three letters of recommendation

    Students may be accepted into the program and will have until the end of the first year of graduate study to satisfy the undergraduate prerequisite. Core courses (other than MBA 701 and MSL 702) may not be taken until all required prerequisites have been met. All other admission requirements must be satisfied prior to beginning graduate-level courses.

    Pfeiffer University has a maximum time to completion of a degree as seven (7) years from the time of initial enrollment except for the Master of Marriage and Family Therapy, which is five (5) years.

    Tuition & Fees

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    Are you interested in a leadership position in a corporation, public administration or public policy? Our MBA/MHA degree prepares you for any of these positions, opening your future to a wide range of possibilities.

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