Clergy Health Institute

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What is the Clergy Health Institute?

A year-long program designed to address health and wellness needs among clergy across all denominations. It includes:

  • Leadership development and renewal program at Pfeiffer University for 8-14 clergy members.
  • Program entails 7-day spiritual enrichment retreat July 2021. 
  • The retreat hosts two separate yet simultaneous cohorts of 8-10 clergymen and women to come together for spiritual enrichment, wellness training and renewal.
  • Sessions on improving nutrition and eating behaviors, food shopping and preparation, stress management, occupational relationships, family and social relationships, emotional wellness and physical fitness are included.
  • Fitness assessments and guided exercise sessions will be offered.    
  • The program includes follow-up sessions in October, January, April, and July.

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The goal of the program is for participants to improve their health, feel better, increase their energy and become better able to continue serving and making a positive impact on their church communities. Participating clergy will lead their congregations by example in encouraging total wellness.

Participation for the year-long experience is $2,500.

Scholarship assistance is available for qualified participants.

Please contact your health insurance carrier or the Conference Benefits office for information about your health plan’s policy regarding covering the cost of the Clergy Health Institute.

Churches may sponsor clergy participation through targeted fundraising efforts; continuing education benefits (for programs 10 days and longer); and scholarship support from groups such as United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men or similar supportive ministries within the church, conference or denomination. For further assistance, contact your clergy services director, appointed liaison or Pfeiffer University.

In addition, it might be possible pay the cost of the program over a 10-month period through Pfeiffer University. This arrangement will include a one-time set-up fee and small finance fee.

To participate fully in the Clergy Health Institute, form supportive relationships with participating colleagues and remain focused on the goals of the workshops, all registrants will live and learn at Pfeiffer University for the entire length of the institute.

Churches or professional organizations of participants are encouraged to create a support group to assist their colleague or church leader toward a positive outcome. Contact Pfeiffer University for consultation regarding that process.

Program Sponsor

Pfeiffer University is a globally engaged, regional university with campuses in Misenheimer, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, distinctive for its transformational undergraduate experiences and leadership in professional and graduate programs. A United Methodist-related university that is propelled by innovative faculty and staff, Pfeiffer prepares its students for a lifetime of achievement, scholarship, spirituality and service.

Agapé Senior is South Carolina’s premier senior health care provider, whose vision is to provide integrated health services, including assisted living, rehabilitation and nursing, independent living, hospice care and others in strategic markets throughout the state in a way that assures responsive and quality service for residents and their families. Its CEO, Scott Middleton, is an ordained elder and clergy member of the South Carolina United Methodist Annual Conference, who through his position of leadership possesses a vested interest in clergy wellness.

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