Clergy Health Institute

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What is the Clergy Health Institute?

The Clergy Health Institute was developed to address health and wellness needs among clergy members across all denominations. Participants may choose from a virtual health coaching program and/or a year-long program option that begins with an intensive 6-day retreat. Each option is uniquely different, so clergy may find it beneficial to participate in both programs.

The year-long program with retreat includes the following:

  • Leadership development and renewal program at Pfeiffer University for 10 – 15 clergy members.
  • The program entails a 6-day spiritual enrichment retreat in July 2024. 
  • Sessions on improving nutrition and eating behaviors, food shopping and preparation, stress management, occupational relationships, family and social relationships, emotional wellness, and physical fitness are included.
  • Fitness assessments and guided exercise sessions will be offered.
  • The program includes online follow-up sessions in October, January, April, and July. July’s follow-up session includes an in-person reunion at Pfeiffer University.

The virtual health coaching program includes the following:

  • Ten weekly, one-hour interactive workshops led by a health coach/faculty covering topics such as stress management, nutrition, physical activity, and mental health.
  • Personalized, individual health coaching sessions with a certified health coach.
  • Online community support.

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The goal of the program is for participants to improve their health, feel better, increase their energy and become better able to continue serving and making a positive impact on their church communities. Participating clergy will lead their congregations by example in encouraging total wellness.

Participation for the year-long experience is $2,500. Scholarship assistance is available for qualified participants.

Participation in the virtual health coaching program is $300 for individual clergy members. Groups are eligible for discounted rates upon registration.

Please contact your health insurance carrier or the Conference Benefits office for information about your health plan’s policy regarding covering the cost of the Clergy Health Institute.

Churches may sponsor clergy participation through targeted fundraising efforts and scholarship support from groups such as United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men, or similar supportive ministries within the church, conference, or denomination. For further assistance, contact your clergy services director or appointed liaison.

To participate fully in the Clergy Health Institute, form supportive relationships with participating colleagues, and remain focused on the goals of the workshops, all registrants will live and learn at Pfeiffer University for the entire length of the 6-day long retreat.

Churches or professional organizations of participants are encouraged to create a support group to assist their colleague or church leader toward a positive outcome.

Program Sponsor

Pfeiffer University delivers a transformational, personalized education wherein students are shaped by a gifted, diverse, and committed community of mentors. Graduates are prepared to lead, have the disposition to serve, and possess the wisdom and skills to facilitate health and prosperity throughout the region and the world. Pfeiffer University catalyzes transformative growth through innovation, engaged learning, and a living network of campuses. Expert faculty members offer a unique model of liberal arts education that emphasizes participation in a global society. Embrace shared values with the close-knit Pfeiffer University family, who share a commitment to Wesleyan values and personal growth.

The Clergy Health Institute was established in 2012 with the first cohorts gathering in 2013. We would like to acknowledge Agapé Senior and its CEO, Scott Middleton, an ordained elder and clergy member of the South Carolina United Methodist Annual Conference, for originally sponsoring the Clergy Health Institute with grant funding.

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