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Parent Logins

A student may create a Parent PIN to allow parents and other authorized users to access their account information. Authorized Users have access only to make a payment, view payment history and view the account balance. They do NOT have access to financial aid, grades or other online student information.

A Parent PIN must first be created by the student. The student should follow these steps to create a Parent PIN:

1. The student logs onto their my.pfeiffer account. Once into their account, they should navigate to Student Resources/Business Office/Go to Cashnet. There a new window will open. In the Parent PINs box select the Add New link.

2. Enter the information requested. The email address should be the email of the person for which the student is granting access.


3. The student account main page will be refreshed to show the new Parent PIN created.

4. A welcome email will be sent to the Parent PIN user's email address. The email will contain the optional note, login information and temporary password.

5. The authorized user will then access the link indicated in the welcome email in order to proceed with setting up their Parent PIN. Once logged in the authorized user will create a new password for their Parent PIN account.

6. Once the Parent PIN has been established, the authorized user will have access to make a payment, view payment history and view the balance on the student account.

Business Office Staff

Ann Holz-Meister
Accounts Receivable Manager
Phone: (704) 463-3020
Fax: (704) 463-1363

Reba Poplin
Phone: (704) 463-3019
Fax: (704) 463-1363

Shivon Lee
Phone: (704) 463-3016
Fax: (704) 463-1363

Business Office-FAQs

If a payment is made online through CashNet, Pfeiffer's third party payment plan provider, when will it be reflected on my student's account?
Payments made online through CashNet are immediately reflected on your student's account.

When viewing the student account statement I notice a “*” at the beginning of some of the financial aid, what does this mean?
A “*” is an indicator that the financial aid is in a preliminary status meaning that financial aid has been awarded but not yet released to the account. Financial aid is released after the drop/add period each semester and upon completion of all financial aid paperwork. Contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine why the financial aid remains in an preliminary status (notated by the “*”).

Are books included in my student's account statement?
No, books are not billed to the student account. Books can be purchased through the Sodexo bookstore.

Business Office-Important Dates

Fall 2012

6/11    Financial check-in materials mailed to students
6/15    Enrollment opens for payment plans
7/31    Last day to enroll in 9-Month Annual Payment Plan
8/6      Pfeiffer Pass deadline
8/16    New Student Financial Check-In (for those not qualifying for Pfeiffer Pass)
8/19    Returning Student Financial Check-In (for those not qualifying for Pfeiffer Pass)
8/20    Classes begin (all payments due on or before this date)
8/20    Last day to enroll in 8-Month Annual Payment Plan or 3-Month

Business Office

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The Business Office is responsible for:

  • Generating student account statements which are available to students through their my.pfeiffer account
  • Collecting all student payments, including tuition and fees
  • Managing interest free payment plans through our 3rd party provider, Cashnet
  • Processing and issuing student account refunds in accordance with Title 4 Department of Education regulations
  • Preparing and Disbursing IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Statements