Nursing Club

Are you a pre-nursing or upper division nursing student?

Interested in a career in the medical field? If so, the nursing club welcomes you.

The nursing club allows pre-nursing and upper division nursing students to get to know each other through service and health-related activities on campus and in the community. As part of the club, you can:

  • Serve during campus health events (i.e., mental health awareness and support campaigns, blood drives, etc.)
  • Get involved with community (off campus) health drives
  • Gain access to valuable internships and job opportunities
  • Learn from upper division nursing students while applying for the nursing program and assist pre-nursing students who may need help preparing for our competitive nursing program
  • Attend lectures and conferences on the latest health trends and technology

The nursing students also work together to raise funds for senior students to go to a conference at the end of year and for graduating nurses to take classes that prepare them for their boards (exams).

Practical Experience

Invest in practical application of the material you learn in your academic classes through the various health events on campus and in the local community. Get a good feel for what it will be like to work as a nurse while practicing servant leadership in the company of other nursing students.

Nursing Club Advisor

Dana Martin
[email protected]