How to Prepare for Life After College—in a career or grad school (Pfeiffer Life)

H-113 Harris Lecture Hall

Many young college students and recent graduates come into the workforce and grad school excited and anxious at the same time. For most, it’s the first time they will not have their lives primarily revolve around a school schedule. For most, it will also be the first time they will be “adulting.”
However, they are often unaware that a gap exists between what they have always done and what they need to do now. Software company Salesforce’s January 2022 survey of over 23,000 employers across 19 countries found that only 32% of Gen Zers have been taught the skills they need for success in grad school and/or the workplace.

This session will prepare you to develop the skills you will need for success. We’ll go over details about what employers and grad schools wish new graduates came equipped with, and strategies that can help overcome this gap.