State Authorization

Institutional Accreditation and Out-of-State Authorization/Registration

Pfeiffer University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Pfeiffer University's online programs are operated in the State of North Carolina, under the terms of the State Authorization Reciprocal Agreement (SARA).

Additionally, Pfeiffer University’s online programs are registered toward the state of Maryland. Pfeiffer University is committed to comply with regulations and requirements as stipulated by the State of Maryland, regarding the distance learning programs.

Pfeiffer University Public Complaint Policy

Pfeiffer University recognizes the value of information provided by students, employees and the general public in assessing the institution's performance. This process is for the purpose of addressing significant violations of the institution's standards, policies and procedures and is not a forum for addressing grievances. Pfeiffer has established grievance procedures for students and employees and expects individuals to attempt to resolve grievance issues through procedures established according to the situation.

Click here for more information about Pfeiffer's complaint policy.

Pfeiffer University Refund Policy

Pfeiffer University has established a fair and equitable refund policy in accordance with the requirements of the university's accrediting agency. This policy pertains to all students who cease attendance in all classes, either through withdrawal or without notification. It is always the student's responsibility to withdraw from unwanted courses. Withdrawal forms are available at my.pfeiffer and the Office of the Registrar, Administration Building, Room 206.

Online Degree Programs Licensure

For students outside of the state of North Carolina, Pfeiffer University does NOT offer online degree programs with initial professional licensure, including but not limited to Teaching license, Nursing license and Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling.

Additionally, it is NOT guaranteed that the professional licensure programs offered at Pfeiffer University, fulfilling North Carolina licensure requirements, will satisfy the appropriate criteria of professional boards in other states. Students from outside the state of North Carolina who are considering a professional program should contact the appropriate Board in their state of residence prior to beginning a course of study.

State of Maryland Complaint Policy

For unresolved complaints about Pfeiffer University, Maryland residents can contact the Office of the Attorney General or the Maryland Higher Education Commission, following the complaint procedure published by the Office of the Attorrney General.

Pfeiffer University is subject to investigation of complaints by the Office of the Attorney General or the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Complaints should be directed to:

Maryland Attorney General Consumer Protection Division
200 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

(410) 528-8662 or (888) 743-0823 (toll free)

State of Maryland Refund Policy

Pursuant to the Code of Maryland Regulations 13B.05.01, Pfeiffer University's fully online programs will follow the Maryland refund policy, for residents of Maryland. The minimum refund policy that shall be paid to a Maryland student who withdraws or is terminated after completing only a portion of a course, program or terms within the applicable billing period is as follows:

Proportion of Total Course, Program or Term Completed as of Date of Withdrawal or Termination Tuition Refunded
Less than 10% 90% refund
10% up to but not including 20% 80% refund
20% up to but not including 30% 60% refund
30% up to but not including 40% 40% refund
40% up to but not including 60% 20% refund
More than 60% No refund

A refund due to a Maryland student shall be based on the date of withdrawal or termination and paid within 60 days from the date of withdrawal or termination.