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Last Namesort descending Position Campus
Baldy, Alex Admissions Counselor Misenheimer
Banks, Mary Academic Records Specialist/Graduate International Student Prog Coordinator Charlotte
Bard, Sharon Director of Facilities Misenheimer
Barnes, Sherri Director of Pfeiffer Youth Theology Institute Misenheimer
Beatty, Howard Program Coordinator for Health Informatics Concentration
Belles, Matt Assistant Professor of Education Misenheimer
Bellmore, Aimee Assistant Professor of Human Services Misenheimer
Benson, Cynthia Dir of Advancement Services Misenheimer
Blalock, Alicia Advancement Services Coordinator Misenheimer
Boe, Christopher Dean of Education/ Master's Program Director/ Professor of Elementary Education and Director of Graduate Education Program Charlotte
Bolton, Craig Assistant Coach Men's Baseball
Bramlett, Martha Associate Professor of Nursing Misenheimer
Braymer, Ross Assistant Professor of Mathematics Misenheimer
Brentlinger, Jeri Director of Information Support Services Charlotte
Bruington, Cristina Administrative Assistant for MMFT Program Accreditation Charlotte
Burkard, Heather Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice Misenheimer
Burris, Deborah Assistant Professor of Communications Misenheimer
Burton, Latasha Associate Registrar Misenheimer, Charlotte