Mentored Learning: Pfeiffer Journey

All students participate in Pfeiffer Journey, a four-year mentoring program that distinguishes Pfeiffer from other universities.

From your freshman orientation until your long-awaited graduation, committed faculty and peers offer you consistent support, ensuring your personal, academic and professional growth during and beyond your college years.

Through Pfeiffer Journey, a combination of seminars, retreats, professional opportunities and mentoring relationships foster the intentional development of all students into engaged, life-long learners.

Faculty Mentors

Each student works with a faculty mentor. Your faculty mentor helps you:

  • Determine academic resources to help you adjust to college-level coursework, locate tutoring services and face advanced challenges.

  • Discern your major. As you progress in your education, your faculty mentor assists your purposeful exploration of major and career options.

  • Access real-world experience. With your faculty mentor’s assistance, secure personalized opportunities through clubs, organizations, internships, externships and the classroom.

Peer Mentors

Before classes start, you are matched with a peer mentor. Your peer mentor helps you adjust to college life, assisting with practical issues like:

  • Finding your way around campus.

  • Managing your time and your course load.

  • Getting along with your roommate.

  • Locating campus resources.

  • Making friends and joining clubs or student organizations.

Each year, our faculty and peer mentoring program connects you with a mentor for major-specific guidance, networking and inspiration.

  • As a freshman, you are guided by both peer and faculty mentors.

  • As a sophomore, you are paired with a senior in your major who helps you determine your course of study and possible career options.

  • As a junior, you receive specific direction from a faculty advisor, leading you to opportunities for research and experiential learning in your field of study.

  • As a senior, you complete your capstone project, shape your digital portfolio and team with your faculty mentor to prepare for career success.

Guidance, Support and Inspiration

Our unique mentored learning program ensures every student develops as a whole person. We want our students to possess a deeper sense of self, confidence and place in their community. We want our graduates to be adaptable, skilled and active individuals. Through emphasis on personal growth, academic learning and career preparation, Pfeiffer Journey demonstrates our commitment to your success.