Going Beyond Boundaries

A regional, comprehensive university, Pfeiffer delivers innovative engaged learning that drives its students, faculty and community to surpass boundaries.

Our living network of campuses emboldens students — whether undergraduate, graduate, degree completion or online — to actively engage in transformative growth.

Looking for Academic Challenge and Support?

Pfeiffer’s unique model of liberal arts education teamed with its professional education offerings develops adaptable and skilled students prepared to participate in and contribute to a global society. Pfeiffer's faculty exceeds expectations by not merely delivering instruction, but by fully engaging students in the learning process.

In Search of Purpose?

Committed to the practice of servant leadership, Pfeiffer students learn to lead by serving one another and the surrounding community. This shared attitude of service creates a united, welcoming environment where students utilize their talents to initiate positive change.

Seeking Career Success?

Pfeiffer supports not only students’ academic and personal growth, but also promotes professional growth. Understanding the importance of obtaining real-world experience, we assist students in securing internships, externships and service opportunities, ensuring practical experience in a chosen field prior to graduation.

Desiring Personal Growth?

Pfeiffer incorporates experiential learning, hands-on, site-based learning in one’s chosen field, into your college experience. We envision our students conquering fears, overcoming obstacles and growing confidence. Whether you volunteer in the community, mentor fellow students, participate in an internship or lead a student organization, you’re destined to not only grow, but soar.

Ready? Set? Go!

At Pfeiffer, you can discover your potential. We invite seekers — students who want more. More connectivity. More engagement. More fulfillment. If you want to go beyond your personal boundaries, come to Pfeiffer. We are up for the challenge.