Teaching, Learning, and Innovation

The Office of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation (oTLI) supports and enhances Pfeiffer University’s culture that values the importance of student learning and teaching excellence, championing faculty development through engaging and practical workshops/programs throughout the academic year, and aligns with the University’s strategic plan. Major priorities include:

  • Providing opportunities for faculty consultation in areas of effective teaching practices, classroom related management skills and digital technologies.
  • Partnering with institutional diversity initiatives to ensure the infusion of diversity and inclusivity into classrooms and curriculum.
  • Development of faculty mentoring programs to encompass a focus on all faculty
  • Collaborating with campus constituents to develop and implement an assessment plan, tools, and services that support teaching and learning needs

New Faculty Programs

Pfeiffer University is Committed to the Success of All Faculty

Supporting new faculty as they transition into their teaching roles and other responsibilities at Pfeiffer University is a central part the Office of Teaching, Learning and Innovation’s (oTLI) mission. Organized programs are developed to assist new faculty includes New Faculty Orientation and New Faculty Seminars.

New Faculty Orientation

The oTLI offers a two-day orientation for new full-time faculty at the beginning of the academic year. Faculty, administrators, and staff come together to welcome new faculty to Pfeiffer, introduce them to the strategic vision of the University, share best practices, survival tips and the wisdom they have gleaned over their career, provide hands-on technical training, and introduce new faculty to resources available to them. It is also a time for new faculty to get to know each other and to begin what we hope is an on-going dialogue about teaching and learning at Pfeiffer University.

New Faculty Seminar

During this monthly Monday morning seminar, new faculty will become better acquainted with each other as well as learning more about topics such as student services, student success, advising and mentoring, Pfeiffer Life, etc

  • The New Faculty Seminar Schedule will be released soon.


Faculty Conferences, planned by the faculty for the faculty, engage colleagues from across all campuses and disciplines to engage in critical conversations about teaching and learning at Pfeiffer University. Conferences occur twice per academic year, once in August and again in January at the beginning of each semester to reflect on the dynamic nature of teaching as a complex, goal-oriented activity and to acknowledge that, as our world changes daily, we as faculty can take advantage of the opportunities of change that are in front of us.

Fall 2021

A weeklong conference that begins with the August Graduation ceremony followed by Division and Department meetings, a day of workshops/programs to enhance teaching and learning, and ending with new student move-in where faculty assists the latest members of our community as they move on campus to begin the semester. This year, the conference workshops/programs will centers around the theme “Post Pandemic Pedagogy” with specific areas of focus including:

  • Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Reprogramming ourselves and our students (Post Pandemic Strategies)
  • Clinical Faculty Workshops (specific focus on clinical faculty needs)

Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom

Information regarding Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom will be available soon.

Pedagogical Resources

Information regarding Pedagogical Resources will be available soon.

Faculty Spotlight

Information regarding the Faculty Spotlight will be available soon.


Dr. Dawn Lucas
Dean of Teaching, Learning and Innovation
(704) 463-3407
[email protected]