Sophomore Experience: Explore Options

Your journey continues as you explore academic options and associated career paths.

We ensure you navigate the following events and activities with ease:

Second-Year Seminar

The second-year seminar uses creative teaching methods to explore topics beyond disciplinary boundaries. This course enhances critical thinking skills and encourages consideration of career choice.

Sophomore Retreat

This faculty-led weekend retreat gives you an off-campus opportunity to explore your potential career interests. Past sophomore retreats include:

  • A civil rights-themed excursion through the historical South to study civil rights issues in a contemporary context.

  • A trip to Washington D.C. for art majors to visit museums of art.

  • A camping trip to encourage an appreciation for nature and to allow for personal reflection.

Leadership Skills Assessment

As you identify your strengths, it’s important to share them with others. Grow your confidence by assuming a leadership role on campus or in the local community. Need help assessing your skills or finding ways to use them? We facilitate your leadership growth.

Major-Specific Mentoring

In addition to your faculty mentor, you receive major-specific mentoring from a senior in your field of study. Ask questions about your major, learn from your mentor’s experiences and get involved in major-specific activities and internships to determine if your intended major and career path works for you.

Moving Forward

As a sophomore, you’re ready to explore all your options. You’re comfortable at Pfeiffer and are determining your future career path. With your strength and interests in mind, our staff and peer mentors deliver consistent guidance, enabling your purposeful and confident progression toward your chosen degree.

Mentorship at Pfeiffer

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Assistant Professor of Communication
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