The Pfilm Society

Are you a movie buff?

Interested in various aspects of filmmaking and analysis? Looking for fun ways to earn cultural credits? Come to a Pfilm Society gathering and join like-minded students who love films and filmmaking!

The Pfilm Society meets on a biweekly basis to discuss films and filmmaking. It offers:

  • Frequent meetings accompanied by movie showings
  • Film discussions
  • Hands-on lessons regarding the technological capabilities of an HD video camera
  • Instruction covering the various techniques used when writing, shooting and editing a video
  • Creation of films using high quality equipment
  • Filming, editing and production of videos to promote events occurring on Pfeiffer's campus
  • Various opportunities to meet local filmmakers and get involved in the filmmaking community
  • Film Appreciation Series (informative lectures by Dr. Shaun Cashman along with presentations of a diverse group of films; counts towards culture credits)
  • Participation in North Carolina film festivals
  • Participation in charity and fundraising events such as Relay for Life and Trunk-or-Treat

Enjoy the Art of Film

The Pfilm Society is dedicated to providing free high-quality venues for artistic, relevant and socially important domestic and international movies.

Pfilm Society Advisor

Shaun Cashman
[email protected]
(704) 463-3432

Garrett Neal

[email protected]
(980) 354-1374