Peer Mentors

Do you want to help, support and inspire other students?

If you would enjoy helping new students adjust to the academic and social transition from high school to college, become a peer mentor at Pfeiffer. Peer mentors build relationships with freshmen and:

  • Orient new students to university resources and familiarize them with academic requirements and regulations
  • Assist with personal adjustment to university expectations and campus life
  • Advocate academic study skills and encourage excellent study habits
  • Assist faculty advisors with necessary course requirements
  • Encourage on-campus involvement
  • Celebrate with freshman at the annual Passages ceremony at the end of their first year at Pfeiffer

Peer mentors sit in on First Year Experience Program classes so they are prepared to answer questions and provide academic support to freshmen.

Give Back

“The first year is typically the most challenging in that students are adjusting to a very different lifestyle and academic rigor. The Passages ceremony at year's end communicates to each student that he or she is an important part of the institution—and that we acknowledge their completing their first year successfully."

~ Deborah Burris, Director of the First Year Experience Program

Faculty Advisor

Deborah Burris
[email protected]