MultiCulture Club

Celebrate and explore cultural diversity.

If you are interested in other cultures, have a driving desire to travel or simply want to share your cultural roots with others, join the MultiCulture Club! Approximately 22 percent of Pfeiffer’s students are minorities and 9 percent are international students. Many of our students study abroad or engage in international travel during their time at Pfeiffer. Come share a taste of the world with us!

The MultiCulture Club offers:

  • Exploration of international travel opportunities
  • Cookouts
  • The annual International Festival
  • Campus entertainment events like Kung Fu ceremonies and Lion Dances on the front lawn
  • Multicultural game nights
  • An annual international festival in September
  • An international Coffee House
  • An international dance events
  • An international Game Night
  • Competitions at corn hole boards and ping pong table in the Game Room
  • An international Cookbook

The MultiCulture Club's goal is to encourage interaction between members of Pfeiffer's culturally diverse community so that we can learn from each other and strengthen the bonds of friendship. Follow us on Facebook and check out our events and activities.

Explore Other Cultures

Meet people who desire to celebrate and share cultural differences. One such Pfeiffer alumnus is Robbie Rogers, born in the West African country of Liberia. Robbie lived at the African Christian Fellowship International (ACFI) Orphanage after his parents were killed in the Liberian Civil War. In 2002, Robbie was legally adopted by Rob and Genia Rogers of North Carolina.

During his junior year of high school, Robbie met former Pfeiffer Soccer Coach Ken Hassler, who encouraged him to apply to Pfeiffer because of its strong soccer program, academic reputation and proximity to home. Robbie attended Pfeiffer for all four years and was a part of the MultiCulture club. You can learn more about Robbie’s life journey here.

MultiCulture Club Advisor

Becky Hraczo
[email protected]