Mission Trips

The essence of Pfeiffer’s character is connectedness.

On all our campuses, we connect our students, faculty and community through integrative learning. We also desire our students to connect with and to serve communities outside of campus — locally, nationally and globally.

That’s what Pfeiffer’s mission trips are all about: connecting with people.

Participating in a mission trip helps students develop faith, expand their worldviews and determine the role of service in their lives. Mission trips remove students from familiar environments, challenging them toward personal and spiritual growth. Students often return from mission trips inspired by the unforeseen shift of perspective gained during their missionary work.

Pfeiffer students participated in recent mission trips in Mississippi, post-Katrina; Nashville, post-flood; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; and Charleston. Students also traveled to Cuba, Brazil, Nicaragua and Guatemala for international mission trips.

Mission Trip Spotlight: Olivia Stofira Beaver, Class of 2014

"While at Pfeiffer, I was able to be participate in a life-changing experience in Guatemala. I worked with other Pfeiffer students and local community members to aid in the construction of a United Methodist church in a small village. This opportunity molded and inspired me more than I ever imagined possible."

Are you ready to deepen your relationship with God and to serve other people? Experience faith in action. Consider committing to a mission trip.