Junior Experience: Integrate Experiences

Your undergraduate experience becomes a dynamic living-learning laboratory that combines theory learned in the classroom with individualized hands-on, out-of-the-classroom experiences.

You gain valuable experience through the following:

Third-Year Seminar

This academic course involves tackling a challenging project in a creative and collaborative environment. This project requires both small-group and individual research and demands considerable analysis and critical thinking. Examples are:

  • A history of literary and music culture of the American South
  • Exploring globalization through the lens of soccer
  • Gaming and how it affects our society
  • Finding our humanity through story

Major-Specific Mentoring from a Faculty Mentor

Your mentoring continues with guidance from a faculty mentor in your field of study. In addition to academic advising, your faculty mentor helps you consider real-world experience in your field.

Focused Career Exploration and Development

Take advantage of your relationship with your faculty mentor and professors to explore career possibilities. Investigate creative major and minor combinations to best prepare for a specific career.

Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

As a junior, you find opportunities to gain real world experience such as internships or externships, a temporary workplace training program often offered to students as part of a course of study. These experiences strengthen your resume and assist with your career discernment.

Gaining Ground

As you grow, we grow along with you. Integrate real world experiences and extracurricular activities with your academic pursuits for a comprehensive learning experience.

Mentorship at Pfeiffer

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