InterClub Council (ICC)

Do you like to plan and lead events?

Perhaps you are a communications major or want to go into the hospitality field? Gain experience planning events, coordinating group activities and helping university clubs work together for the greater good of the entire community.

The ICC:

  • Helps students start and run student organizations
  • Determines how a student organization can apply for funding or other resources
  • Provides oversight and acts as a collaboration facilitator for all student clubs and organizations
  • Coordinates the calendar of events for all student life organizations
  • Recruits student organization participation in support of global student life events such as the Student Life Fair and Relay for Life

If you would like to register an existing or start a new organization, consider the following:

Lead and Coordinate

ICC is composed of representatives from all student clubs and organizations and the ICC coordinator acts as a representative to the Student Government Association for all student life groups. We create strategies for pooling resources and talents of the various clubs and student organizations in joint ventures. Join us for our monthly meetings and learn how you can contribute.

Inter Club Council Advisor

Paula Morris                
[email protected]        
(704) 463-3407

Inter Club Council Coordinator

Alyssa Harvell                             
[email protected]