Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Religious and Spiritual Life at Pfeiffer offers new experiences and meaningful opportunities for students to explore and practice their emerging beliefs and values. Further, under the umbrella of the Francis Center for Servant Leadership and Faith Formation, RSL provides leadership and action opportunities within the campus and the broader community.


An inter-belief and ecumenical community, Pfeiffer Chapel is designed as a sacred space for students to explore and develop their beliefs and values through worship, conversation, and experiential learning. Throughout the year students engage in traditional, contemporary, and fresh expressions of worship as well as deliberate discussions about their beliefs and values in the context of their local and global communities. These opportunities allow for students to build community and engage faith and spirituality in innovative and meaningful ways. Chapel is held Wednesdays at 10 AM. 

Beliefs and Values

The Beliefs and Values initiative welcomes students of all religious, spiritual, secular, and philosophical backgrounds as we build a community based on the principles of mutual respect, understanding, and dialogue. 

  • Beliefs and Values Council
  • Soul Food - Tuesdays at 6:00 PM. August 21, September 11, October 23, November, 6Do you want to learn about and explore faiths and philosophies that are different than your own? Soul Food is an opportunity to come and learn about different religions and philosophies from confessional experts while building community over a common meal. Speakers at Soul Food include Imam Atif Chaudhry of the Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte and Rabbi Andrew Ettin of Temple Israel in Salisbury among others. You will also have the opportunity to visit the speaker's house of worship the Friday or Saturday after each Soul Food event.
  • Pfood and Pfriends - Thursdays at 6:00 PM. August 23, Sept 20, October 25, November 15
    A gathering for dinner and conversation in the home of Rev. Maegan Habich, University Chaplain. Questions are prepared to spark meaningful conversation. The discussion happens in small groups that are facilitated by students who open, lightly guide, and close when the hour has passed. The questions themselves are not limited to religious or spiritual topics and generally lead to more significant discussions which we welcome wholeheartedly!
  • Art & Soul - Wednesdays at 7 PM. September 12, October 17, November 7
    Express yourself with hands-on art projects infused with Soul! Explore mediums such as Mandalas, Prayer through Coloring and themes like, "Let Peace Begin with Me," "Got Gratitude?", and "Love Your Neighbor." Have fun with painting, weaving, paper crafting, sewing, and more!

Christian Ministries

Campus Ministries at Pfeiffer offers programs that support students in their spiritual formation. In honor of the College’s relationship to the United Methodist Church, some programs are designed specifically for Christian students.

  • Athletic Ministries at Pfeiffer (AMP) - Thursdays at 8 PM.
    Athletic Ministries at Pfeiffer serves by inspiring coaches and student-athletes to make a difference through living out your faith. Coaches and athletes are encouraged to support one another through positivity and unity, live wholesome, healthy lives, care for your body and soul with self-respect, serve others whenever possible, and show integrity in all you do. AMP meets weekly. In addition to providing faith support to the athletic teams, they also invite inspiring speakers to address the student body and arrange for faculty, staff, and their peers to speak. For example, they recently had the chaplain for NASCAR speak on campus to encourage the students.
  • Catholics at Pfeiffer (CAP) - Thursdays at 7 PM.
    Students, faculty, and staff gather to learn about the Catholic faith. Each week, we focus on one of the saints and the lessons that can be learned from their lives. When a Catholic priest is in attendance, we play "Stump the Priest" where participants can ask him their toughest questions.  Participants are given rosaries and one decade is recited.
  • Christians Engaged in Faith Formation (CEF)
    If you want to get new ideas or share your thoughts with other Christian leaders, join the CEF, where you can make a difference on campus and in the surrounding community. Contribute to our campus Christian fellowship by leading spiritual formation activities, leading worship services for area churches, particularly those with few young people in their congregations, facilitating service projects, and leading chapel services once per academic year.
  • Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
    Our purpose is to show and share Christ's love with our community as we grow as biblical disciples of the gospel. As a campus group, we meet weekly and devote ourselves to Bible study, developing close friendships, providing a welcoming, positive fellowship, evangelistic efforts to spread the gospel, mentor partnerships to foster growth in Christ, annual pancakes, prayer events, and having fun! If you’re new to Campus Crusade for Christ, you can learn more here. 
  • Concert Choir
    An ensemble of mixed voices which perform a wide range of sacred and secular repertoire in a variety of classical and contemporary styles. This group performs on and off campus. Open to all students by audition. To audition, contact Prof. Joe Judge, [email protected].
  • Gospel Choir
    A multicultural and interdenominational choral ensemble that primarily performs African-American spirituals and gospel music on and off campus. Open to all students by audition. To audition, contact [email protected].
  • μεταμορφούσθε (Metamorphosis) - Mondays from 7 PM to 9 PM. beginning September 10th.
    Metamorphosis is a Bible study focused on reshaping our understanding of God and developing deep fellowship in the group. During the semester, we will study The Good and Beautiful Community by James Bryan Smith to help us live in better relationship with others as apprentices of Jesus. (book provided) The study meets at 1730 Bellamy Circle in Albemarle. Dinner is provided each Monday night.
  • Praise Band
    A small ensemble of singers and keyboard, guitar, bass and drum players that performs worship music on campus. Open to all students by audition. To audition, contact [email protected].

For more information, contact:

Rev. Maegan Habich
University Chaplain and Director of Church Relations
[email protected]