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Choir singing during a concert

Prepare for a lifetime of success in music

Pfeiffer University’s Bachelor of Arts in Music is a liberal arts degree that is designed for students who wish to be as versatile as possible in their collegiate experience while still achieving a well-rounded musical experience.

The program seeks to build a solid musical foundation of knowledge and skills while focusing on the individual interests of each student. Through classroom instruction, private lessons, and performances, students mature as musicians and prepare to thrive as an artistic leaders.

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Curriculum Overview

The Pfeiffer B.A. in Music combines a strong music curriculum with selections of courses outside of the music major. Students invest 48 semester hours in the music major curriculum, which includes instruction in music theory, ear training, class piano, music history, ensembles and private lessons. Electives range from Arranging and Orchestration to Music Technology, Composition, and Conducting.

The camaraderie at Pfeiffer allowed me musical growth beyond what I ever imagined.
K’Len Moore, ’20 Music
Man playing trombone

Hands-On Experience

Music students as well as students seeking other majors may participate in ensembles including:

  • Pfeiffer Wind and Percussion Ensemble
  • University Singers
  • Gospel Choir
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Pep Band
  • The Village Ringers
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Chamber Music
  • Women’s Ensemble  
Two students performing on stage, one singing and on playing piano

Career Opportunities

Pfeiffer music graduates have gone on to graduate school or to pursue careers in arts administration, retail music, teaching, and music production, among other careers.

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