Leadership – MSL

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Core Curriculum Overview
SH = Semester Hours

Organizational Communications (3 SH)
Organizational Behavior (3 SH)
Effective Leadership (3 SH)
Ethical Issues in Employment Law (3 SH)
Human Resources Management (3 SH)
Negotiations and Conflict Resolution (3 SH)
Organizational Change Management (3 SH)
Strategies for Building High-Performance Organizations and Teams (3 SH)
Strategic Management and Leadership (3 SH)
International Business (3 SH)
Comparative International Business Law (3 SH)
International Experience (3 SH)


Organizational Communications (3SH)
Organizational Behavior (3SH)
Effective Leadership (3SH)
Ethical Behavior and Employment Law (3SH)
Human Resource Management (3SH)
Negotiations and Conflict Resolution (3SH)
Organizational Change management (3SH)
Strategies for High Performance Teams (3SH)
Strategic Management and Leadership (3SH)

The Masters of Science in Leadership program not only allowed me to fulfill a life goal to earn my Masters’ degree, but the program allowed me to learn what I love, Human Resources. This degree has helped me advance my knowledge in my field and bring a new level of critical thinking to the table.
Jamie Martin, ’20 MSL Senior Director, People Operations at Thompson Child and Family Focus