Health Administration – Degree Completion

Core Curriculum Overview
SH = Semester Hours

Total minimum semester hours required for the Bachelor Degree in Health Administration is 120 semester hours. Individuals who successfully complete the degree are eligible to seek admission in the Master of Health Administration program at Pfeiffer University which is designed to advance competencies in health services management.

Fundamentals of Accounting 3SH
Medical Communications 3SH
Business Statistics 3SH
Healthcare Insurance/Managed Care 3SH
Financial Mgmt. for Health Care Org 3SH
Law and Ethics in the Health Sciences 3SH
Survey of Economics 3SH
Introduction to Healthcare Leadership 3SH
Principles of Healthcare Mgmt. 3SH
Operations Assessment and Quality Improvement 3SH
Intro. to Community and Public Health 3SH
Healthcare Planning and Strategy 3SH
Economic Perspectives in Health Policy 3SH

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Dr. Scott Bullard