Pfeiffer Life Reflection Survey

Before You Begin

When you write your reflection, be as detailed as possible. Pfeiffer Life points are based on your level of engagement in the activity or event you attended and the reflection you’re creating now.

Once the reflection is approved by the Pfeiffer faculty or staff member in charge of the activity or event, you’ll find your engagement point in your Pfeiffer Life Trophy Case, which can be found in your account under “Student Resources”, located on the top banner, and then “Pfeiffer Life,” located on the left hand side of the screen.

Now, time to get started!

Event/Activity Category

If the activity or event you attended qualifies for an engagement point in more than one Pfeiffer Life category, please indicate the category you would like the engagement point to count toward here.


So What?

Now What?

Give a Rating

How likely are you to recommend this activity or event for the future?

Anything else?

If there’s more you’d like to share about the experience, we want to see it!

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Upload photos or videos from the experience here:
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