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Pfeiffer University welcomes fourteen new members to our community of faculty scholars in the 2018-2019 academic year as we continue our commitment to academic excellence.  “Our newest faculty colleagues are a talented and accomplished group of scholars, teachers, and practitioners, and we are elated that they chose to make Pfeiffer University their academic home.” Dr. Tracy Espy, Provost, and Chief Academic Officer.  

New Faculty Members

Danielle DonelsonDanielle Donelson: Visiting Assistant Professor of English, earned Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric and Writing) from Bowling Green State University. Dr. Donelson brings 13 years of teaching experience; for 5 of those years, she taught English language and literature classes at Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga, Indonesia.  Her research interests include Decolonial Pedagogies, Cultural Rhetorics, Indigenous Epistemologies.

Kaite Dore Kaite Dore PA-C, MHS, CCRP: Faculty in the Physician Assistant Program, earned MHS from Duke University School of Medicine.  Professor Dore research interests include women’s health topics, health prevention, and resilience.

Elizabeth A. Fain Elizabeth A. Fain: Director of Occupational Therapy Program, Assistant Dean of Applied Health Science, earned Ed.D. from the University of St. Augustine.  Dr. Fain comes to Pfeiffer with experience in diverse clinical settings and has taught in a variety of settings. Her research interests include higher order thinking and questioning as related to teaching and learning and grip strength and relationships to health disparities.

Susan Furr Susan Furr: Assistant Professor of Nursing, earned DNP from Gardner Webb University.  Dr. Furr returns to Pfeiffer after being gone for a few years, and her research interests include Interprofessional Education; Nursing students' perceptions of mental health.

David Haralson David Haralson: Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, earned Ph.D. in Medical Family Therapy from East Carolina University. Dr. Haralson is interested in culturally-adapted parenting, grief and loss, and attachment-based substance use treatment.

Tim Mode Tim Mode: Instructor, Physics and Lab Manager for the Department of Natural Sciences, earned an M.S. in Applied Physics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Mr. Mode’s research interests include laser spectroscopy and the study of charge carrier dynamics in photovoltaic semiconductors.

William Morris William Morris: Assistant Professor of History, earned Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.  Dr. Morris’s research interests include German history / student protest movements / 1968 / drug issues / urban studies / game studies.

Chris Murray Chris Murray: Assistant Professor of Education, earned Ed.D. from Wingate University.  Dr. Murray comes to Pfeiffer with 20 years of public school service in North Carolina from teaching to administration.  His research interests include Multicultural Education, Rural Education, STEM Education.

Jimmy “Dale” Patterson Jr. Jimmy “Dale” Patterson Jr.:  Assistant Professor of Master of Physician Assistant program, earned Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Professor Patterson joins the faculty after 20 years in the field with a concentration in rural Healthcare Family Practice.  His research interests include Pharmacology, Sports Medicine, Diabetes Education.

Leah Robinson Leah Robinson: Associate Professor of Religion, earned Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh (UK).  Dr. Robinson previously served as a Lecturer in Practical Theology and Peacebuilding, University of Glasgow (UK), and a Lecturer in Practical and Pastoral Theology, University of Edinburgh (UK). Her research interests include Religion and Violence, Religion and Peacebuilding, Religion in the USA, Irish and British History, Southern Studies (USA), Practical Theology, Liberation Theologies (Feminist, Black, and Queer Theology especially).

Edward Royston Edward Royston: Visiting Professor of English, earned Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Texan Woman’s University.  Dr. Royston brings 12 years of teaching composition at the community college and university level.  His research interests include Genre Fiction, Rhetorical and Narrative Theory.

Kristy Schmaldinst Kristy Schmaldinst: Assistant Professor of Nursing/Lab Coordinator, earned MSN University of North Carolina Charlotte.  Professor Schmaldinst’s research interest include Nursing simulation and online learning.

Miranda Thornton Miranda Thornton: Clinical Director, Marriage Family Therapy Training Clinic (Charlotte), earned Ph.D. in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University.  Dr. Thornton’s research interests include LBGT, sexuality/sexual health & development, minority populations (e.g., racial, ability, status), MFT training programs, adolescents.

Isha Williams Isha Williams: Site Director, Raleigh-Durham Marriage and Family Therapy Program and Assistant Professor, earned Ph.D. in Human Development with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Tech.  Dr. Williams’ research interests are Chronic illness and disease in children; diversity and multicultural education in MFT; and international teaching, training, and supervision in MFT.