Pfeiffer University Receives Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society Charter

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On September 25th, the School of Business received the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society Charter from Rich LaMontagne, Region Three Representative and Board Member for Delta Mu Delta.

Dr. LaMontagne shared with those in attendance the history of Delta Mu Delta. The Society was founded in 1913 by faculty from New York University who believed that recognition should be given to outstanding students. Although the Society started as a local organization, chapters were later formed at other colleges and universities. In 1952, a national chapter was organized to bind the individual chapters into a cohesive unit to carry forward the aims of the Society. In 1963, Delta Mu Delta was admitted to the Association of College Honor Societies and in 1992, Delta Mu Delta formed a partnership with ACBSP, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. Today there are over 300 chapters across the United States and abroad. The purpose of Delta Mu Delta is twofold: to promote higher scholarship in education and to recognize and reward scholastic attainment in business subjects.

Pfeiffer University joined this elite society with the installation of the Omicron Eta Chapter. Dr. LaMontagne presented the charter to Dr. Holley, stating “I would like to recognize the Faculty Advisor for all the work she has done getting this Omicron Eta Chapter started, organizing this installation ceremony, and her bravery in being the founding Faculty Advisor and representative of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society for Omicron Eta.”

Pfeiffer inducted six honorary members into the newly installed chapter. Members were chosen based on the success of their profession and their interest in the student body.

Honorary Members

Dr. Kelli Lynn Fellows, Dr. Mark Lassiter (Class of 91), Dr. Richard LaMontagne, Mr. Jeff Jones (Class of 93), Dr. Chris Howard, Dr. Ana Smith, & Dr. Dawn Lucas.

Eleven students from the Pfeiffer University School of Business met the DMD requirements for entrance into the society. Undergrad seniors having a GPA of 3.75 or higher and Graduate students who had completed more than half their required courses with at least a 3.95 GPA. Dr. Holley inducted the initial members into the newly formed Omicron Eta Chapter, telling the students “This honor can be obtained in only one way. It cannot be bought nor can it be had as a gift.”

Student Inductees

Dr. Richard LaMontagne, Carrie Corriher, Eddie Pinon, Jordan Griffin, Jenna Gulledge, Dr. Sandra Holley, Noah Beane, Cory Selander, Melonie Britt, & John Allen

After the celebration, Pfeiffer received positive feedback from Dr. LaMontagne. In an email to the School of Business, Dr. LaMontagne wrote, “After taking time to reflect on the Pfeiffer University Chapter Installation and Induction Ceremony I would categorize the event as the benchmark in comparison to those I have supported. My observation is the benchmark level of the event was due to your planning, coordination, and oversight of the preparatory actions, which were clearly driven by your passion for teaching and supporting and engaging students.” Just one more instance where Pfeiffer University is exceeding expectations and going #BeyondBoundaries