Pfeiffer University to host Water 2.0 Conference Oct. 4-5

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Water: Safety and Supply

-- Using Emerging Technology to Update and Repair Water Infrastructure --

Water. So basic and so necessary, but a steady supply of safe drinking water could be at risk. Storms, floods, contamination, cyber-attacks, and terrorism are just some of the things that threaten our safe, potent water supply.

Water 2.0 Series ( brings together experts, to help utilities and the water industry protect our current water supply, and ensure the continued availability of “good” water.

The Water 2.0 Conference: Digitally Connecting the Water Industry will focus on data analytics, software, and cyber security for both water utilities and industrial water users. Participants include water and energy industry authorities, utilities professionals, and representatives from the EPA.

When: October 4-5, 2017

Where: Oct. 4 – Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, NC

             Oct. 5 – Pfeiffer University, Misenheimer, NC

Who: Full list of speakers and agenda at

  • Allison Chinchar, CNN Meteorologist
  • Adam Tank, GE Ventures
  • Alan Hinchman, Gray Matter Systems
  • Paul Gifford, Mueller Co.
  • Ken Russell, PhD, Pfeiffer University
  • Vincent Caprio, Water 2.0

Vincent Caprio, with Water 2.0, says “Water has become a hot topic again, in part because of recent news stories – like hurricane flooding, or the contaminated water in Flint, Michigan.” He adds, “Keeping our water supply safe and in abundance always has been an issue for those in the industry.”

Regarding the water supply and storms, CNN Meteorologist Allison Chinchar says “As we’ve seen with even the most recent hurricane season, as well as other severe storms, our precious drinking water supply can become contaminated and unusable for large areas – requiring bottled water to be brought in, or treating the contaminated water by boiling or with chemicals -- all this while other areas suffer drought and water shortages.”

Dr. Ken Russell, with Pfeiffer University, says "Climate Change, Population Growth/Migration Patterns, Technology Advances (sensors, infrastructure, and access to data) all impact the water industry. At Pfeiffer, we pride ourselves on having relevant curricula for our students; the digital transformation of water systems -- including automation and high performance computing -- creates new and innovative learning environments and career opportunities for young scientists and water advocates.  More than just updating and learning to repair water infrastructure, our students will be well positioned at the forefront of leading edge water solutions and systems.”

More about Water 2.0

The Water 2.0 Conference series mission is to provide information in regard to emerging technologies to solve and repair water infrastructure problems.  Water 2.0 is a joint venture with the Water Innovations Alliance Foundation (WIAF) and Pfeiffer University.