Pfeiffer-Charlotte gives thanks for worship traditions

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On May 10, Pfeiffer University-Charlotte took a significant step toward transitioning from its longtime home on Park Road to new space across the street at 1515 Montford Park with a ceremony defined by United Methodist Church (UMC) protocol as “Order of Leave-Taking.”

The ritual honored the classroom-turned-chapel space consecrated in 2002 for worship and learning, and reaffirmed Pfeiffer’s commitment to upholding its worship traditions when it moves to its new location in summer 2017.

“Pfeiffer is grateful for the sensitivity of the staff of Crescent Properties, the new owners of the building and land Pfeiffer has occupied for more than two decades, for recognizing the chapel space as sacred and presenting the idea for Pfeiffer and Crescent to honor it together,” said Rev. Kathleen Kilbourne ‘79, director, M.A. in Practical Theology program. “In doing so, we acknowledge that the spirit that brought us here goes with us to our new home.”

The chapel at Pfeiffer-Charlotte was installed at the suggestion of faculty members following a first-anniversary remembrance of 9/11, which was held in makeshift worship space on campus. The nontraditional dimensions of the room designated had presented challenges for classroom use but accommodated worship and related activities.

The ceremony and order of worship were organized by Rev. Dr. Timothy Moore, associate dean and campus and continuing education coordinator. Joining Crescent Properties in attendance were faculty, staff, current students and alumni, one of whom, Rev. Anne Conover ‘05 (MCE), co-created with classmate Rev. Gloria Hughes ’05 (MCE) a quilted wall hanging that will be transferred to worship space at the new campus.