The Impact of Internships: Klay Gill aka Disc Golf Enthusiast

Klay Gill
Why Pfeiffer

Klay Gill ’19 of Concord is so enthusiastic about disc golf that he plays it several times each week. Like many other avid players, he has favored the disc golf courses at several parks in Stanly County, pointing out that the Fox Chase course at Chuck Morehead Park was ranked No. 8 in North Carolina by Disc Golf Course Review.  

Gill’s background in disc golf enabled him to make a significant impact at the Stanly County Convention & Visitors Bureau, where he interned for several months in 2019 before earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Leadership from Pfeiffer University.  

Specifically, Gill persuaded Chris Lambert, the bureau’s executive director, to emphasize Stanly County’s disc golf scene in updates to the bureau’s visitor’s guide. Gill also played up disc golf in the bureau’s social media platforms.  

“I was knowledgeable when it comes to disc golf,” Gill said. “I was able to give them a better idea of how much of an untapped gold mine Stanly County is for that sport. Getting more info out there was a really good way to attract people from outside the county.”  

Lambert called Gill “instrumental” in increasing the amount of exposure that the bureau gives to Stanly County’s disc golf scene.  

“We knew we had quite a bit of people that played,” he said. “But we didn’t know how often the courses were utilized and to what extent.” 

Gill’s ability to impact the bureau extended to other areas as well. For example, he oversaw the bureau’s Instagram account, writing promotional captions for pictures of county attractions that people sent the bureau. He also spruced up pictures so that, for example, certain aspects of lighting were emphasized. As such, he helped fulfill the bureau’s desire for using interns to stay connected with a younger demographic. He also became known for injecting humor into the bureau’s promotional videos. 

Gill used social media to promote a scavenger hunt that challenged people to solve riddles, each of which was placed on a sign at a different county site. The aim was to get people to visit parts of the county they may not have seen before. The answers to the riddles comprised a sentence-long question. People who answered said question correctly were entered into a drawing for a $300 gift card. 

“Klay did a great job while he was here and we really appreciate the humor and work ethic that he displayed while he was here,” Lambert said. 

If Gill had an impact on the bureau, it is also true that bureau had an impact on him.  

“It was a great way to get my creative flow moving,” he said. “It got the gears turning in my head, as far as brainstorming ideas and getting out of the box with what I was doing. I think anybody looking for an internship should definitely consider one at the Convention & Visitors Bureau.” 

Gill feels the benefits of working at the bureau in his current job as a salesman for Townsquare Interactive, an internet marketing service for small businesses in Charlotte.  

That’s because Lambert “taught me a lot as far as being able to be down to earth when talking to people,” he said. “That’s really helped me out today: I’m in a sales role, so obviously, I’m talking to people from the time I’m going to work to the time I’m leaving.”  

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