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What happens when exceptional faculty and staff leverage amazing technology? Digital Transformation! Pfeiffer University demonstrates the optimization and amplification of higher education delivery while embracing a legacy of student-centered learning. Technology enables and influences the spectra of innovation occurring at Pfeiffer University these days. “We’re doing so many things to grow at the undergraduate level and our graduate level," says Pfeiffer’s VP of Digital Transformation and CIO, Dr. Ken Russell, "and it’s all powered by great people - using great technology!”

Building on decades of applied student-centered learning, Pfeiffer is transforming through technology. Vernease Miller, Pfeiffer’s Dean of Applied Health Sciences explains: “We create connectedness – with our students and our faculty no matter where they are.” “If you ask any student what makes a good professor,” continues Dr. Susan B. Wilkie, Pfeiffer's Director of Marriage and Family Therapy, “they’re going to tell you approachability and accessibility."

It’s that commitment to the individualized educational experience that makes a difference at Pfeiffer. “Technology facilitates our connection,” says Dr. Kelli Lynn Fellows, Director of Graduate Business Programs, "but each individual is still the most important person to me as a faculty member.” Such dedication and commitment to excellence drives Pfeiffer to deliver exceptional holistic educational experiences that go Beyond Boundaries!

And it shows! Pfeiffer is growing at a time when other similar sized universities are shrinking and “to be able to do that is unique,” according to Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Emily Carella. "I think it has a lot to do with our technology and moving forward.” Pfeiffer is a nurturing place and has a vibrant and relevant academic community ready to help students become prepared for the future.

“Lifelong learning,” adds Russell, "means we prepare our students with the tools and the experiences to be successful – no matter what they go on to do!"

“C’mon, we’re ready for you!”

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