Calling All Alumni - Mentors Needed!

Student Life
Why Pfeiffer

Have you ever thought of sharing your career expertise with those just starting out? Pfeiffer University has established an online platform designed to create more meaningful opportunities for its alumni to mentor current students and recent graduates of Pfeiffer. To begin the process of becoming a mentor or a mentee, contact Tonya Judge at [email protected] or 704-463-3038.

“Students and GOLD alumni (Graduates of the Last Decade) can use the platform to connect with alumni in various career fields,” said Judge, Pfeiffer’s Director of Alumni and Community Engagement.

“Alumni with degrees from all programs may participate as volunteer mentors, helping students and young alums decide what direction to pursue in a career and how to overcome obstacles. For as little as an hour a month, a mentor can share their professional experience with a student whose career interest aligns with their work or better prepare a young Pfeiffer professional for a future career.”

Judge outlined the following other features of the mentorship program:

  • Students and alumni will be matched according to their career interests.
  • Mentors may accept up to two mentees at a time; mentees may have up to two mentors at once.
  • All participants in the online platform register and complete a profile, which takes only a few minutes.
  • As a safety precaution for mentors as well as students, each prospective mentor is required to complete a background screening. Upon consent, Pfeiffer’s HR Department will be in touch to gather information to begin this process.
  • Mentors remain anonymous until the connection is accepted. Once mutually established, the mentor-mentee pair then agree on goals and communication preferences, including whether they’ll speak by phone or meet in person (due to COVID-19, we recommend virtual meetings) and how often they’ll connect, whether it’s once per month or multiple times.