2nd Annual Leadership & Management Accountability Symposium to be held February 19th & 20th

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MISENHEIMER, NC:  Pfeiffer University’s Undergraduate School of Business will host their 2nd Annual Spring Business Symposium at the Misenheimer Campus on February 19th & 20th.  Developed by the undergraduate business faculty, the symposium provides current business students a professional conference opportunity to engage with business leaders from across the region.


The collaborative endeavor draws business leaders, students, and Pfeiffer alumni together to discuss current market trends and situations facing contemporary organizations. Presentations will center around the theme Leadership and Management Accountability. “The theme is both timely and impactful,” said Dr. Sandra Holley, Assistant Professor of Accounting and symposium planner. “Corporate level fraud scandals coupled with shifting business dynamics, workforce development needs, and exponential technological advancement place our students at the nexus of leadership in contemporary business. Through this applied learning conference, students will learn from and debate with leaders regarding real-time organizational situations. The common denominator across these presentations – the critical role of ethical leadership and management accountability – and how these students may develop and refine these attributes within themselves in preparation for their professional career.”


Pfeiffer undergraduate business faculty embraced the challenge for this year’s conference through their vast business network to provide students a cross-section of business representation from sports, information technology, entrepreneurship, business, and accounting. “Current business students will have lunch with business school Alumni on Monday and Tuesday,” Holley said. “These informal interactions will help students sharpen their communication skills while discussing real-time organizational issues one-on-one.”

Pfeiffer University’s commitment to the region’s economic health is evident. “By hosting this symposium, we are strengthening our workforce with individuals who reflect a premier organizational member – a critical thinker, ethical, and a knowledgeable business leader,” Holley added. “The symposium will provide students with valuable insight that may optimize the contributions in the future workforce.”


“Dr. Sandra Holley took the lead on this project, and her efforts will yield a truly fantastic event! She is actively reaching out across faculty and staff expertise to optimize this event's success - Pfeiffer Pfamily at its finest!” noted Dr. Kelli Fellows, Director of Graduate Business Programs at Pfeiffer University. “This Symposium reflects the nature of business – an opportunity that is truly #BeyondBoundaries.”


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Information on the speakers can be found here