Starnes Award Nomination

The purpose of the Starnes Award for outstanding achievement is to provide recognition to a faculty or staff member of Pfeiffer University who makes a significant contribution in an academic, service, humanitarian, or athletic endeavor. Nominations will be accepted from any Pfeiffer University faculty, staff, or current student through April 10.

Examples of criteria for award:

Academic- contributions to student growth, development, and achievement beyond what is expected; collaborative teaching that extends beyond the classroom to include learning experiences in the community; superior creativity within their field; outstanding faculty research.

Service- exemplary Servant Leadership that shows personal commitment through sacrifice of time and resources in an area of demonstrated need above and beyond what may be expected or compensated.

Humanitarian- promotion of human dignity, social reform, human welfare, or philanthropy within a marginalized population carried out in a way that respects and embraces human diversity.

Athletic- outstanding contribution as a teacher/mentor who has compiled a distinguishing record or who has made a long-term exemplary contribution to the Athletic Program through strong leadership.

The criteria above are merely examples for your consideration. Additional consideration will be given to any staff or faculty member who, through any campus or community activity, makes an enduring contribution to society by making a difference in the lives of others.

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