A Tribute to Black Childhood in Song, Story, and Pictures


Date and Location
Date: Wednesday, 4/7/21 - 4:30 pm
Via Zoom -- https://pfeiffer-edu.zoom.us/j/8145169790?pwd=OURzSDh6eklxd1JOYy9WMDBvRFJZQT09
Pfeiffer Life
Appreciation of the Arts
Global/Cultural Awareness

Dr. Michelle H. Martin, the Beverly Cleary Endowed Professor in Children and Youth Services in the Information School at the University of Washington joins Pfeiffer University for a special presentation.

This presentation includes family stories from Dr. Martin’s South Carolina childhood and songs she has written about African American children’s picture books for inspiration. She has wrapped this talk around a discussion of the status of diverse children’s literature in the US to help listeners gain a greater appreciation of what these texts bring to the field and to children.

Sponsored by the Grigg Scholar Program and the School of Education Club.

Eligibile for Pfeiffer Life credit in either Global or Cultural Awareness or Appreciation of the Arts.