Career Paths

Pfeiffer aims to create a community of lifelong learners.

Positioning students on the path to well-suited, rewarding careers helps fulfill this goal.

While Pfeiffer understands every student’s career path is unique, this general path is helpful:

  • Explore career options
  • Discern academic major
  • Gain real world experience
  • Build professional network
  • Prepare for job search
  • Master interview skills

You need to identify your skills and explore career options that align with these skills. Once a career field is selected, you can adopt the appropriate academic major.

Since employers appreciate real world experience, you should apply for internships, externships and summer jobs within your chosen field. These positions enable you to gain hands-on experience and to grow your professional networks.

Networking improves your job search. Relationships established while in college, through an internship and even during a job search, often prove beneficial. A recruiter at a job fair may be the link to your first job; your internship employer may hire you after graduation.

Building an effective resume and practicing for interviews help you make a good first impression. Following these career path steps sets you on a deliberate path to securing a fulfilling career in your chosen field following graduation.

Internships at Pfeiffer

Each year new internships become available. Talk to your faculty mentor or career counselor about internship opportunities in your field of study.

Internship Spotlight: Michelin

Zac Chilton, an exercise science major, participated in an internship opportunity at Michelin, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers. Through his internship, Zac developed a stretching regimen for Michelin’s 425 workers to perform prior to work shifts. The goal of the stretching program is to prevent injuries incurred on the job.

During his internship, Zac gathered, analyzed and interpreted data on work-related injuries and used that information to create the stretching program.

Another exercise science and biology major, Whitney Jaffe, also interned with Michelin. She created health advice packets for Michelin employees, suggesting inexpensive and simple lifestyle changes to improve overall employee health.

Preston Gray, Michelin site manager, says, “Students gain real-world experiences that better prepare them for life after college and Michelin gets the benefit of passionate, well-trained new experts in the field.”

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