Admissions Preferences

Veterans and Pfeiffer University students/alumni A3.15 (a)

Favorable consideration for admission is given to applicants who are Veterans and/or have graduated or will be graduating from Pfeiffer University. A3.15 (a):

  • All veterans and Pfeiffer University students/alumni who meet or exceed the program’s requirements and selection factors will be granted an interview and an opportunity to earn acceptance into the program.

Underrepresented Populations experiences A3.15 (a)

Additional preferences, such as, ranked higher, will be given to all applicants who demonstrate the following attributes and experiences.

  • Applicants from underrepresented populations and those whose backgrounds correspond to (CASPA) socioeconomic indicators.
  • Applicants who have direct health care experience serving disadvantaged populations.
  • Applicants who have rural health care experience.