Program Description


Pfeiffer University, Department of Occupational Therapy offers a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy. The MSOT program is designed for students who have a bachelor’s degree in fields other than occupational therapy which consists of 4 years of pre-professional preparation to obtain a bachelor’s degree before admission into the program. The full time, 77 credits, 2 years and one-semester MSOT program will be delivered in 27 months (7 semesters) beginning in August of each year.  All courses are sequential and only one cohort of students is accepted per the calendar year. The educational program consists of academic coursework, supervised fieldwork experiences (24 weeks of level II FW). The rationale for a time frame is consistent with standards of graduate education for professional education and is comparable across other institutions. The cohort size will be 25-45.

This curriculum is designed to provide an excellent education for students planning for professional roles as occupational therapy practitioners in traditional settings, as well as in areas of newly identified needs or emerging practices, especially rural health. The occupational therapy program integrates students into a community of professional graduates, who seek to become caring and competent health professionals, and who value the unique synergies possible in an inter-professional educational approach.  Pfeiffer University creates an environment that promotes a servant attitude and holistic approach to the care of all human beings encouraging the sharing of information and the teamwork approach found in today’s healthcare and rehabilitation professionals.

Course Sequence:

Fall 2020

  • OT 800 Introduction to Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science (3hrs)
  • OT 802 Anatomy & Kinesiology (4hrs)
  • OT 804 Movement, Occupation, and Participation (5hrs)
  • OT 810 Interprofessional Practice (1hr)
  • OT 818 Documentation (online) (1hr)     

Spring 2021     

  • OT 812 Foundations of Neuroscience (3hrs)
  • OT 814 Mental Health & Wellness (4hrs)
  • OT 816 Group Dynamics in Mental Health (3hrs)
  • OT 842 Technology in Occupational Therapy (3hrs)
  • OT 822 Inquiry and Evidence-based Practice (3hrs)
  • OT 826 Fieldwork Level I- Mental Health (1hr)

Summer 2021    

  • OT 828 OT in Adults and Geriatrics (4hrs)
  • OT 830 Occupational Performance, Evaluation & Assessment (Adults) (4hrs)
  • OT 836 Inquiry & Evidence-based Practice II (3hrs)
  • OT 838 Professional Reasoning (2hrs)
  • OT 840 Fieldwork Level I- Adult (1hr)

Fall 2021                

  • OT 852 Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics and Youth (4hrs)
  • OT 854 Occupational Performance, Evaluation & Assessment (Pediatric/Youth) (4hrs)
  • OT 862 Fieldwork Level I- Pediatrics (1hr)

Spring 2022

  • OT 866 Fieldwork Level IIA Adults or Pediatrics (6hrs)

Summer 2022         

  • OT 848 Ethics in OT Practice (2hrs)
  • OT 844 Orthotics/Physical Agent Modalities in Occupational Interventions (3hrs)
  • OT 856 Management in Health Care (3hrs)
  • OT 834 Contextual Population Health, Disparities & Factors (3hrs)

Fall 2022               

  • OT 873 Fieldwork Level IIB Adults or Pediatrics (6hrs)