Prerequisite Coursework

All prerequisites must be completed by the summer semester before starting the program in the fall. Courses will not be able to be taken during the fall semester after the program starts. No more than two prerequisite courses can have a grade of C.

Prerequisite Coursework Credits

Human Anatomy Lecture/Lab; Physiology
(if enrolled in a combined anatomy/physiology course you will need 6 semester hours)


Cultural Ideas and/or Global Perspectives
Any course in one of the following areas: world religions, gender studies, sociology or anthropology (Cultural Anthropology or Diversity in Global Context is preferred).

One course in Lifespan OR one course in Human Development or three courses to include Childhood, Adolescent and Adult Development. Or two courses that cover the Lifespan of Development. 3-9
Abnormal Psychology 3
Statistics (Social science statistics OR biostatistics preferred) 3
Medical Terminology ( can be an online course) 1-3
English Composition OR Technical Writing 3
Ethics OR Philosophy OR Theology 3
  • Submit ALL official transcripts from each college/university that was attended.
  • Transfer Course Credit
    • Subject to approval and review of the transcript, up to 6 hours of graduate transfer credits may be applied toward the MSOT. Graduate transfer credits will only be considered for graduate-level courses completed with a grade of “B” or higher within the last five (5) years. Students wishing to substitute or transfer a course required by the Department of Occupational Therapy must submit a form requesting a transfer or substitution along with the course name and number, course description including the number of credit hours, and course syllabus. The faculty will review to determine if the course meets the curriculum requirement in parts or completely. Faculty reserves the right to have student test out of any section of a course that is being considered for transfer or substitution to ensure mastery of content. Due to the nature of the curriculum, treatment courses and research courses are not eligible for transfer or substitution. Please note that work experience is not acceptable as credit or partial credit for coursework. The MSOT Program Director must approve all course transfers and copies of the approval document will be kept with students’ admission information.
  • Pfeiffer MSOT Essay: Provide an insightful and reflective 700-1000 word essay responding to specific prompts.
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors, therapists, and/or other professionals familiar with your knowledge, skills, and achievements. One recommendation MUST be from an Occupational Therapist.
  • A minimum of 25 total hours of observation. This requirement can be fulfilled in a combination of the following:
    1. Direct observation in multiple settings with different clients and settings (pediatrics, adults, acute, sub-acute, LTC, etc.) totaling 25 or more hours of direct observation.
    2. Documentation of completion of the Pfeiffer Online Learning Activities (15 hours indirect OT knowledge acquisition). In addition to 10 or more hours of direct observation.
    3. The link to the Pfeiffer Online Learning Activity is

Online Falcon interviews will be offered to selected candidates.

Disclaimer: Receipt of application packet does NOT grant admission to the program.

ACCEPTED STUDENTS: All applicants offered a seat in the Pfeiffer University MSOT program must notify the University in writing of the decision to accept or decline within 5 days of the offer.  A $500 non-refundable seat fee will be due at the time of the seat offer acceptance.