Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Analyze. Innovate. Master the best practices of contemporary information technology management.

You need the technical knowledge and skills required to compete in today's rapidly evolving computer field. Pfeiffer offers cutting edge academic courses in programming, information systems management, database concepts, networking and systems analysis and design.

In addition to mastering important trends and computer information systems (CIS) developments, get hands-on experience through faculty-guided projects, our Computer Society and Gaming Society. Graduate prepared for career success in the IT industry.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

The undergraduate computer information systems program, in the division of business, is available at Pfeiffer's Misenheimer campus.


The CIS program curriculum requires a minimum investment of 63 semester hours (SH). The CIS curriculum offers a choice of three areas of concentration: information technology, network administration and information security. A minor in CIS complements business and other majors as it is designed to broaden a business education and enhance workplace marketability.

Internships and cooperative programs at area corporations and other organizations provide practical business experience.

Requirements for a Major in Computer Information Systems (63 SH)

Core Courses (42 SH)

  • ACCT 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BMAL 212 Principles of Finance
  • BMAL 241 Principles of Marketing
  • BMAL 261 Principles of Management
  • BMAL 311 Business Statistics
  • COMP 266 Emerging Technologies
  • COMP 271 Computer Information Systems
  • COMP 300 Programming Essentials
  • COMP 331 Networking Essentials
  • COMP 335 Systems Analysis and Design
  • COMP 390 Data Base Management Systems
  • COMP 415 Application Programming
  • COMP 510 Application Development Workshops
  • ECON 200 Survey of Economic

Areas of Concentration

In addition to the required courses for all majors listed above, each student majoring in CIS completes at least one of the following concentrations:

Information Technology Concentration (15 SH):

  • COMP 370 Networking Applications I
  • COMP 381 Web Page Design and Development
  • COMP 435 Business Programming
  • COMP 440 Cybersecurity I
  • COMP 455 Web Programming
  • COMP 500 CIS Internship
  • COMP 501 CIS Internship I
  • COMP 502 CIS Internship II
  • COMP 556 Scripting

Network Administration and Cybersecurity Concentration (15 SH) from:

  • COMP 370 Networking Applications I (CCNA I)
  • COMP 371 Networking Applications II (CCNA II)
  • COMP 440 Cybersecurity I
  • COMP 441 Cybersecurity II
  • COMP 442 Securing Unix Systems
  • COMP 443 Securing Windows Systems
  • COMP 444 Incident Handling
  • COMP 500 CIS Internship
  • COMP 501 CIS Internship I
  • COMP 502 CIS Internship II


CIS majors must take at least two CIS electives.

  • COMP 110 Introduction to Computers
  • COMP 345 Business Analytics
  • COMP 369 Computer repair and upgrade
  • COMP 372 Network System Manager I
  • COMP 373 Network Management I
  • COMP 405 Computer Operating Systems
  • COMP 411 Network System Manager II
  • COMP 412 Network Management II
  • COMP 445 Advanced Cybersecurity
  • BMAL 341 E-Commerce

Requirements for a Minor in Computer Information Systems (18 SH) 

  • COMP 110 Introduction to Computers
  • COMP 266 Emerging Technologies
  • COMP 271 Computer Information Systems
  • COMP 300 Programming Essentials

Also take three semester hours from either:  

  • COMP 331, or
  • COMP 390, or
  • COMP 405
  • Any other COMP course at the 300 level or above

For descriptions of courses, visit the academic catalog.

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Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


Do you find yourself drawn to the latest technology? Do you often feel like you could improve upon the software that you use for work, school and play? Interested in information systems management and development?

CIS graduates design, build and implement software solutions. They also analyze existing systems and optimize performance. Pfeiffer’s CIS degree, combined with practical experience provided on and off campus, prepares you for career success in the IT field.

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