Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Pfeiffer’s biology program prepares you for a wide range of career and graduate school options.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

The undergraduate biology degree program, in the division of arts and sciences, is available at our Misenheimer campus.


The program requires a minimum investment of 70-72 semester hours (SH). Both students majoring in the field and those completing science requirements in other majors (i.e., General Biology I and II are designed for both majors and non-majors) enjoy courses and lab time in state-of-the-art facilities.

Biology Degree Requirements (70-72 SH)

Core Courses (40 SH)

  • BIOL 211 General Biology I
  • BIOL 212 General Biology II
  • BIOL 411 Genetics
  • BIOL 510 Seminar in Biology
  • CHEM 301 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 302 General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 403 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 404 Organic Chemistry II
  • COMP XXX (A departmentally approved course in computer programming)
  • PHYS 301 General Physics I, or
  • PHYS 303 Calculus-based General Physics I
  • PHYS 302 General Physics II, or
  • PHYS 304 Calculus-based General Physics II

Plus Completion of a Concentration

  • General Biology Concentration (70-72 SH Minimum)
  • Biomedical Sciences Concentration (70 SH Minimum)
  • Forensic Science Concentration (70 SH Minimum)

Biology Concentrations

Biology majors choose from the following concentrations:

General Biology Concentration

  • BIOL 403 Microbiology, or
  • BIOL 414 Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 502 Ecology, or
  • BIOL 328 Conservation Biology
Plus Biology Electives (16 SH)
  • MATH 220 College Algebra, and
  • MATH 235 College Trigonometry


  • MATH 302 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I, and
  • MATH 303 Calculus II Calculus with Analytical Geometry II

Biomedical Sciences Concentration

  • BIOL 403 Microbiology or
  • BIOL 414 Cell and Molecular Biology
  • CHEM 503 Biochemistry
  • MATH 302 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I
  • PSYC 295 Developmental Psychology or
  • PSYC 426 Sensation & Perception Either
  • BIOL 415 Vertebrate Morphology and Development And
  • CHEM 405 Quantitative Analysis or for students preparing for Physician Assistant Program:
  • EXSC 265 Human Anatomy & Physiology I and
  • EXSC 266 Human Anatony & Physiology II

Students are encouraged to take PSYC 202 Into to Psychology as General Education requirement in Social/Behavioral Sciences

These courses are meant to match most Medical School pre-requisites but please check individualprogram information for any additional pre-requisites.

Forensic Science Concentration

  • BIOL 414 Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 421 Forensic Science
  • CHEM 405 Quantitative Analysis
  • CHEM 503 Biochemistry
  • MATH 220 College Algebra
  • STAT XXX An approved statistics course
Plus Two of the Following Biology Electives
  • BIOL 320 Biological Anthropology
  • BIOL 403 Microbiology
  • BIOL 415 Vertebrate Morphology and Development
  • BIOL 420 Microbial Genetics
  • BIOL 550 Internship in the Biological Sciences (4 SH)
  • CHEM 406 Instrumental Analysis

Curriculum for a Minor in Biology (22 SH)

  • BIOL 211 General Biology I
  • BIOL 212 General Biology II
  • BIOL 403 Microbiology BIOL
  • BIOL 411 Genetics
  • BIOL 502 General Ecology

Additional courses in biology to complete the minimum semester hours are required. See your advisor to determine the courses that best match your career plan.

To see details of courses offered, visit the academic catalog.

Tuition & Fees

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A biology degree prepares you for a career in or to apply to graduate programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and services or optometry. It also is foundational for a career in other technologies related to the delivery of health care, including medical technology or cytotechnology. If you are a people person who enjoys presenting information, a career in sales for corporations that sell or manufacture biology-related products or services is another great option.

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